Herceptin on PBS for Metastatic BC

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For patients with metastatic breast cancer who have had hormone therapy like Femara and many chemos like Xeloda, Navelbine,Abraxane etc and still progression, is Herceptin available on the PBS or is it restricted to newly diagnosed?


  • PamelamaryPamelamary Member Posts: 213
    Herceptin is available for women who are Her2+ - not much use if you are not. Talk to your oncologist.
    Best wishes.... Pam
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,320
    Yes herceptin is most definitely available as are more targeted therapies.

  • nelliejsnelliejs BrisbaneMember Posts: 20
    Yes. I had it first time round now having it along with Perjeta every three weeks. 
  • TritonTriton Member Posts: 10
    Thanks Pam...it's for a relative..she hasn't been given Herceptin yet so I assume she isn't HER2+ but I'll mention it to her
    Good to see the targeted therapies but I thought Herceptin and Perjeta might be the only ones possibly on the PBS for breast cancer - haven't seen anyone taking Kadcyla except on trials?
    Hope Herceptin and Perjeta are working well for you, nellejs

  • nelliejsnelliejs BrisbaneMember Posts: 20
    Thanks Triton. Fingers crossed, yes, so far so good. 
  • PamelamaryPamelamary Member Posts: 213
    Hi Triton,
    Kadcyla is on the PBS, but again, only useful for Her2+.
    Best wishes..... Pam
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