Portacath Thru The Groin

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Has anyone had a port inserted thru the groin.  I had one in the standard chest position in 2012 which during Radiation in 2013 was found to have given me clots in the lungs and inner chamber of the heart, which eventually led to a PE and having burr holes drilled in my head, followed by a slight stroke. Unfortunately now in 2017 my diagnosis has come back metastatic in the sternam, chest wall, in the neck and spine.  Professor insists in intravenous chemo not tablets and it seems the only way in for a port is via the groin. Having read and watched how this is done absolutely scares me.  Has anyone been thru this experience.


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    sorry cannot help you with the information you are after, I am 4 and a half years post diagnosis with mets in my liver and spine, so very sorry that you are now in our corner of the breast cancer world, I am sure your Professor has created the best treatment plan for you and I am very sure that he will take into account your apprehension, hopefully someone here will either have had the port that way or may have nursing experience to be able to give you some information, you certainly have had a rough trot, no point in saying to you not to worry!!!, just one foot in front of the other, one day at a time, please keep in contact and let us know how you are there is plenty of information here at bcna, perhaps you could ring the bcna helpline and speak the one of the cancer nurses I believe they are here till 9pm this evening to help with any questions and put your mind at rest 1800 500 258 -
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    Hi @Trick3 I can see why you wouldn't be too keen on that. I guess you don't have much choice if the treatment you want has to be IV. 
    Clots and heart problems during chemo treatment are all too common. I did a fair bit of research before I had my port installed last year--having thrown up a couple of DVTs during my first chemo ten years ago. I didn't want to increase my risk this time and, from what I could determine, the ports themselves have little impact on clots. The problem, it seems,  lies with the fact that people who need ports are often already compromised with higher risk of complications before they even start.
    Best of luck with this. It's horrible to feel cornered and if you have already had a bad experience it makes decision making really tough. Marg xx
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    Hello @Trick3,
    I have  looked at some information regarding central venous access and the portacath insertion via the groin which is called a 'femoral port'. It can be used for women who have bilateral breast cancer.  Its not as common as a port insertion in the chest but certainly is another option if required.  Maybe you could check with the chemotherapy nurses in Day Chemotherapy to see if they are aware of anyone that has had a femoral port inserted.  Or you could ask the Professor or Medical Oncologist if they know of someone who has had this procedure.  I appreciated your hesitation and concern and hope that all goes well with the port insertion and treatment.  Don't hesitate to call our helpline if you need to speak with one of the breast care or cancer nurses on 1800 500 258.
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