What books helped you? Opportunity to suggest and/or review books

Lisa_BCNA Staff Posts: 140
Hi everyone,

We are excited let you know about a new page on the BCNA website for book reviews.

On this page, we will publish reviews of books that may be helpful to people affected by breast cancer. There are a number of book reviews up already, which you can have a look at here: https://www.bcna.org.au/news-events/book-reviews/.

What books helped you?

We would love for you to tell us what books helped you when you were diagnosed. You might like to write a review of the book for possible inclusion on the webpage. Reviews should be between 300 and 500 words.

Your review might discuss things like:
- Did you find it helpful? If so, how?
- Is it best suited for particular people, circumstances or situations (e.g. women newly diagnosed, young women, women with metastatic breast cancer, men with breast cancer, partners or others supporting those with breast cancer?
- How did you feel when you read it? What parts appeal to you?

Alternatively, you might just like to tell us the name of the book and we can try to find someone to read it and write a review.

How to submit a review or let us know what books helped

To submit a review for possible inclusion on the page, please email your review to the Policy Team on policy@bcna.org.au. Please include your name and contact details in your email so that we can be in touch with you.

If you would like to tell us the name of a book that you found helpful, please also email the Policy Team on policy@bcna.org.au.


  • Zoffiel
    Zoffiel Member Posts: 3,372
    Gosh. Thanks. Mx
  • Romla
    Romla Member Posts: 2,092
    It’s only the truth @Zoffiel
  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,388
    Apart from The Truth of the Matter according to Zoffiel, I am hard pressed to think of anything. I didn't actively seek books when I was diagnosed, and I haven't stumbled across much that has struck a particular chord since. One book I do recall however is The Birdwatcher by William McInnes. It's a novel and one character is recovering from breast cancer. Not surprising that he should create such a character as his wife, filmmaker Sarah Watt, died from breast cancer.
  • Romla
    Romla Member Posts: 2,092
    Thanks for the William McInnes tip @Afraser . TBH @Lisa_BCNA the most helpful words for many of us came from reading the comments of our fellow bloggers - maybe BCNA might like to put them together in a book format ? I really think there is a gap in the market .
  • June1952
    June1952 Member Posts: 1,858
    Hi @Lisa_BCNA
    Like your new page on book reviews and look forward to seeing what ladies recommend.
    I did read the one by John Boyages and found it most interesting.
    I do think the posts by ladies on this website helped mostly.  There is always some good solid data as well as great tongue-in-cheek comments which help along the way.
    As an avid library-user I will see what they have now.
    Summer   :)
  • Lisa_BCNA
    Lisa_BCNA Staff Posts: 140
    Thanks so much for your messages everyone!

    I very much agree with you that the chats, support, advice and discussions, which take place on the online network are incredible and invaluable. You all make it such a welcoming, friendly and supportive space.

    Thanks for the suggestion of The Birdwatcher @Afraser. I have not come across it before, so will definitely look it up.

    Thanks also for having a look at the library as well @Summerhill38. It will be great to get any recommendations you and others may have.

    Many thanks,
    Lisa :)
  • Sam09
    Sam09 Member Posts: 149
    I have just finished 
    reading Radical Remission by Dr Kelly Turner. Fantastic book by a Doctor who found it fascinating a small percentage of people survived and lived long lives despite the diagnosis of stage four aggressive cancers. Loved it and found it super interesting. I constantly research things and read books to help me live and spend every moment trying to make my body as healthy as I humanely can and so I found this book wonderful and I throughly recommend it. It can be purchased through Angus and Robertson online. 


  • annebirdy
    annebirdy Member Posts: 69
    Cancer Recovery by Dr Kerryn Phelps. Although it covers all cancers, there is a specific few chapters on breast cancer. I found this book invaluable as it reviews evidence relating to all sorts of links. It allowed me to say 'thanks, but no thanks' every time I had a well meaning friend tell me that I needed to drink a certain tea, or green juice, or visit someone who has cured people of cancer....that sort of thing. This book gave me the ammunition to be able to tackle some of these suggestions. 
  • Chris
    Chris Member Posts: 813
    I read a book by Dr John Boyages called Breast Cancer, Taking Control. This book was well written and very easy to understand. He used many analogies throughout the book that really made sense to me. 
  • Romla
    Romla Member Posts: 2,092
    My suggestions are not about breast cancer but I have found them inspirational - one is a novel by Margaret Craven called “ I heard the owl call my name” .It’s about a young priest who is upset to be sent into a remote wilderness community in Canada as his first appointment- he did not know he had terminal cancer but his bishop sent him there to learn about life . I am also inspired by the biography of neurosurgeon Charlie Teo who is prepared to help when others say no.
  • Misty48
    Misty48 Member Posts: 19
    B is for breast cancer by Christine Hamill. The book is about the author's journey with breast cancer.