Cancer found in other breast - 2 1/2 years after 1st diagnosis

This week I have found out I have another 1cm cancer in the right breast.  Feb 2015, in the left breast I had a lumpectomy, 6 months chemo and radiotherapy.  The first was grade 2.  Really struggling and terrified at what I might be facing.  Any advice would be appreciated. x


  • Jane TJane T Member Posts: 5
    I understand it may be another primary, not a metastases but still not sure what this may mean.

  • HITHIT Perth WAMember Posts: 261
    I am so sorry, no wonder you are struggling.  I can't offer advice but I am sure that the lovely ladies who have been in the same situation will soon.  I hope that all the tests and apts will be over quickly and you will know the treatment plan, I know that helps.  At least you seem to of got it early.
  • steplightlysteplightly Gold CoastMember Posts: 180
    Hi Jane T.  What a very difficult thing you are now facing.  The reoccurrence reality and facing all the uncertainty with that... Absolute crap.  I wish you all the best for these days ahead.  We are here and while I have not faced what you are facing it remains lurking in the depths of thoughts and raises its ugly head from time to time.. thinking of you..Gentle steps and deep breaths.. trusting for a good outcome to alay fears. xo

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    Oh how shitty is that. A new primary is treated as if you never had cancer. So it's treatment is again based on pathology again. The only difference is sometimes chemo regimes are different as it is a bit taxing in the body otherwise.

    So good news for you is it small.

    I can only imagine the the thought of horror of going through treatment again and so soon. However this time you may look at different surgical choices given you have had bilateral cancer. 

    You can go for lumpectomy first with sentinal node biopsy, have treatment then decide which path to follow.

    Either radiotherapy again or you may wish to consider a bilatetal mastectomy and reconstruction at same time.

    It's a lot to think about. I have met a number of ladies 10 years or more down the track after bilateral breast cancer. It's not unheard of and treatment remains with excellent outcomes.

    Genetic testing  is most definetly something you should now be referred for. 

    Reach out to your bc nurse for support. 

    Take care. Kath x

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    Hi Jane, so sorry to hear you have breast cancer again.I had a recurrence in the same breast 7 years after my first diagnosis. I think I was angry more than anything.I'd had a lumpectomy,full node clearance and radiation. So the next time I had to have a mastectomy and chemo and then Tamoxifen.It is now 7 yrs again(14 from the first)and I'm fine.One of the ladies in my group had a primary bc in her other breast 12yrs after her first bc.She opted for a double mastectomy and was happy with her choice.These are all difficult decisions and you just have to do what feels right for you.Its not fair and it sucks but you'll be ok and get through it again.Big hug. xxx
  • Jane TJane T Member Posts: 5
    Thanks so much to everyone  for the supportive words. It’s nice to hear there is still light at the end of the tunnel.   
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,078
    @JaneT it certainly is hard news to hear! I had a recurrence in the same breast same spot believe it or not 4yrs after. 1st diagnosis I did radiation and tamoxifen, 2nd diagnosis was chemo, no rads as cannot do it twice and now on Aromasin, it's been 2yrs since this diagnosis. I opted this year for a single mastectomy with immediate diep reconstruction, its a big op, but am really happy with it all, ive also had the revision in July with a nipple recon and fat grafting and right breast lift. I had clear nodes and genetic testing negative so decision was easy. It was devastating a recurrence mentally so much harder the 2nd time, but you absolutely will get through it. 

    I think interesting in that dependent on our paths from start to where we are now, I've learned alot and if faced again I know what I would do, so knowledge is power. Big hugs you're going to be ok!! Melinda xo
  • ZoffielZoffiel Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 2,049
    Oh, bugger! That is shitty news. I, too, have had a recurrence--in my armpit ten years after 2MX and the whole treatment palaver. It's frightening but it is also frustrating and disappointing. There's nothing for it but to pull the battle undies on. Again. Not a prospect you'd relish having already done it once, I'm sure. Good luck. Marg xx
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