Waiting for surgery

Hi everyone, I am doing my best to say positive but waiting for surgery is soooooo hard. I got my last results back today & now waiting for a surgery date, it could be three weeks - this scares me. Does this sound normal? It is hard being positive about this wait with my family. Thanks in advance


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    Depends mine was done 2 days after diagnosis depends on how quickly they can get you in dont worry its been found and thats the best thing. I know all you want is the damn thing out but that will happen . Its all the unkown. Im 5 years post and it seems like yesterday.l found there were good bad and better days but you get there. All the best adean
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    Thank you
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,301
    I waited 3 weeks for mine which made me seriously stressed. So I planned my headgear as I knew I was having chemo. I went and got my teeth checked and cleaned. I had a farewell boobie party as having both mine off. I had a haircut. Sourced a wig. I sorted my family, my job and even organised a pair of swimmers for post mastectomy and a special swimming cap that wouldn't stick on a bald head. So all these things (scarf shopping etc) kept me occupied. Use your time as you can as it steam rolls after this with treatment. Some exercise might reduce stress if you can manage and might ...might (yes I hear you laughing) help you sleep. Take care. Kath x

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    Hey @PositiveOutlook, My surgery was initially going to be within two weeks if seeing surgeon but ended up six weeks after as her lists were full. She told me not to worry. At the time of surgery it was three months from first mammogram and yes the waiting was very hard but I knew my surgeon was excellent and she told me to utilise the time in preparation so I like Kath @primek prepared and tried wigs, got a u pillow, pyjamas (never been to hospital before) etc and worked up until surgery. It is hard but you'll get there. Wishing you all the best. Xx Cath
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    Hi @PositiveOutlook I am finally having my surgery next Wednesday which will be over three months since diagnosis for me. Lots of delays due to needing extra tests etc. I've kept myself occupied by doing a big spring clean of my house, cooking and freezing meals so I don't have to worry about cooking, sourcing some pretty headgear in case I need chemo, I've also continued going to the gym when I could fit it in between tests and I hate the gym. It has kept my mind off what is to come and the time has passed fairly quickly. Wishing you all the best with yours x Lesley
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    My surgery was 2 days after diagnosis. Any longer and the stress would have killed me. I did go through the private system though. Personally I would call around and find a Surgeon that can do it urgently. Lets face it the quicker it is out the better. I would have even paid to go private to get it out asap.
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    I was diagnosed 20/7/16, met the surgeon 26/7 and had surgery on 1/8.  I was glad to have a little time to sort things out at work plus have 5 days at home. While my husband was at work I had a big spring clean, did lots of cooking and freezing, shopped for hospital bits & pieces and caught up with some girlfriends.  It's not easy whether we have time to prepare or have quick surgery.  Just waiting is the hardest part - when you have a date you will manage your time in whatever way you need to get through the wait.
    Take care, Jane xx
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    Hi everyone thank you so much for your stories and great ideas. I have been given a date close to four weeks away so I think I will look at private surgery as my husband & kids need me to be 'doing something'. I have known for for over three weeks already and the eleven to twelve weeks before starting chemo from finding out worries me. It is such a hard time all the not knowing. I will see and you are right if I do wait I will try to use my time productively. Thanks again 
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