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Immuniotheraphy - my last resort!

I have just begun an Immuniotheraphy drug (Keytruda) for mTNBC as I have hit the final wall without success after my beginning in July 2104. I have been on several chemos & I was on a targeted trial for TNBC last year and early this year that looked promising, but after 8 months the cancer has again spread this time to my lungs. I'm interested in contacting anyone that has trialed or is using an Immuniotheraphy drug.


  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    I can't help but I'd just like to wish you well on the treatment and it is a success. Kath x
  • onemargie
    onemargie Member Posts: 1,264
    Hi there scarf lady. I was diagnosed may last year with TNBC had left mastectomy  4 rounds  of AC and 4 of paclitaxol. No lymph node involvement and all scans clear. I had stage 2a grade 3 (3cm tumour) so far so good with me. Repeat routine CT chest this week. I would like to PM you if I may ? Just curious about your diagnosis treatment and recurrence. Margie 
  • Afraser
    Afraser Member Posts: 4,390
    Can't provide any advice, sorry, but wishing you the very best for this treatment.