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scientistscientist Member Posts: 17
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Does anyone have experience with Olaparib (or other PARP inhibitors, suited for women with BRCA mutations)? I may be taking it later in the year (after 8 months Abraxane) and just wanted to check the side effects.
Thanks ladies.


  • brightspacebrightspace Member Posts: 347
    Hi Scientist good vibes with treatment ..check out breastcancer.org sitefor those taking this drug 
  • Lisa_BCNALisa_BCNA Staff Posts: 140
    Hi Scientist, it's Lisa from the Policy Team. At the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in June, results were presented from the phase III clinical trial OlympiAD, which compared olaparib to standard chemotherapy for women with a BRCA gene mutation who had developed metastatic HER2-negative breast cancer. The researchers found that olaparib was generally well tolerated, with the most common side effects being nausea and anaemia (lack of red blood cells). The study found that 4.9% of women in the study discontinued olaparib due to side effects compared to 7.7% of women who were treated with chemotherapy. You may have discussed the side effects of olaparib with your medical oncologist already, but just in case not, your oncologist will be able to give you the best information about possible side effects you might experience.

    Warm regards,
  • RachelleRachelleRachelleRachelle Member Posts: 34
    I am currently partcipating in the Embraca clinical trial and I was lucky enough to be assigned the trial drug, Talazoparib - also a PARP inhibitor.
    I've been on it since late December and in terms of side effects, it hasn't been that bad. 
    My blood work shows that I am tolerating the drug, so no dramas there.
    I did notice a loss/thinning of hair in the beginning and it hasn't grown back or rather, it grows back slowly i.e I had long eyelashes now they are short and stubby, my eyebrows are sparse/patchy, I don't book waxing appointments as often and I changed my hair style because it really thinned out at the temples. 
    I did feel nauseous and tired during the day when I took my medication in the morning or just before bedtime. I now take the drug in the early evening/before dinner and I don't feel nauseous anymore. I do tend to feel tired in the early evening and sometimes go to bed at 8pm or so. I never wake up feeling refreshed.
    I am really struggling with pain at the moment at the sites of my bone mets but I don't think this is a side effect of the trial drug. I just need to get my pain meds sorted.
    I hope this helps. 
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,288
    @bronmeg1 found this discussion for you 
  • bronmeg1bronmeg1 Member Posts: 23
    Hi @scientist, was wondering how you are going on Olaparib?  I started it early this year & am only person in FNQ, to my knowledge & looking for a fellow drug taker :smiley:

  • scientistscientist Member Posts: 17
    Hi @bronmeg1! I am going really well! Have been taking it for over 14 months and just had some scans showing everything still stable... I've been tolerating it very well so am very lucky and happy with how it has been going. Fingers crossed it continues like this for forever more!! How are you going on it?!
  • bronmeg1bronmeg1 Member Posts: 23
    Hi @scientist, I've been on it about 8-9mths. Initially was a little rough as it made me a little nauseated which I managed with ginger tablets, but that settled.  Now it is just juggling it around food, especially if going out.  Yes, all going ok for me too, though the last scan showed a little growth of the lung cancer but hasn't controlled the bone cancer so have had radiation for that. 
    My oncologist has hopes too.
    Where are you located as I think I am the only person on it in far north Queensland, so have no comparisons?
    Glad you are going well & hope it continues for you
  • scientistscientist Member Posts: 17
    Yes I sometimes feel nauseous with it too, and it has suppressed my appetite (although no major complaints there!). I agree it can be a bit inconvenient, but now I take it first thing when I get up and then around 6pm or so which has worked out OK. 
    I'm located in Sydney. Happy to chat about it whenever you want - just message me! 
  • bronmeg1bronmeg1 Member Posts: 23
    Hi @scientist, know it's been a while, can I ask again how you are going on the Olaparib?  I've been on it for 16 & half months & my latest scan showed it has stopped being effective.  Apparently 12mths is good going with the drug (something you don't get told or ask when you go on it!), so we are doing well.
    So today after being given this bombshell, I've been started on another drug, injections this time, last resort before chemo.
    Can I say shit!!!!
    Please let me know how you are going

  • J_Jen1J_Jen1 Bargara, QLDMember Posts: 9
    Hi to everyone interested in Olaparib. 
    I started 600mg/day dose June 2019. My CA15.3 marker has dropped amazingly. I had reached 673, and was beginning to think it was all too late to turn it around. My result today, after 3 months of olaparib, is CA15.3 is 63!!!!!!
    Is a cure possible?
    So far only real side effect is fatigue. I ended up resigning from work as I just couldn't keep going.
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,941
    That is wonderful! I am so happy for you. Yay!! K xox
  • J_Jen1J_Jen1 Bargara, QLDMember Posts: 9
    Thankyou kmakm.
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