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Triple negative metastatic breast cancer in brain

Hi all

My Mum is currently living with mTNBC which is in her bones and late last year moved to her brain. She has had one treatment of whole brain radiation therapy and continues to be treated with chemotherapy also for the rest of her body. 

Is anyone familiar with any trials or new treatment options available to women in a similar situation? Mum is based in Melbourne, but we are open to looking whenever is needed. 

I would appreciate only positive stories to be shared in response to the question, as you can appreciate it is a very specific diagnosis and a difficult one at that so we are trying to remain hopeful. Can anyone relate to a similar diagnosis and have any suggestions?



  • Scooper
    Scooper Member Posts: 113
    Hi Kate! I am sorry to hear your news! There is a website that lists all trials that are available! It is via the Cancer Council! Best wishes Sandra xxx
  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    I believe the Peter Mac centre is the one doing the most trials. Hope all goes well with treatment. Kath x
  • melclarity
    melclarity Member Posts: 3,524
    Hi Kate, I don't have any information either I'm sorry, hopefully there'll be someone who can offer some help. Hugs Melinda xo
  • Brenda5
    Brenda5 Member Posts: 2,423
    Sorry to hear your mums not well. Could be a wives tale but could also be fact but I have read that a couple of drops of Frankincense Oil to the roof of the mouth or under the tongue can help reduce swelling in the brain and act as an immunotherapy to the cancer.  
    If you can legally obtain it (check for trials in your area), cannabus oil is also now showing it can hold some cancer cells at bay. Some say it can cure some cancer but its still debatable as not enough research is present atm.
    Ask your mums doctor about high dose vitamin C. It can be administered as an injection. My sis had them when she was battling Ross River disease and it gave her a boost in recovery.
  • brightspace
    brightspace Member Posts: 445
    You could join the us breastcancer.org web site 
    Losts of women post treatments they are having ..very good info to update you on treatments being given in uk us and canada.tnb info has many posts