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May 29 my oncologist told us i have a 5cm tumor in my liver and numerous small ones after a week of ultra sounds, bone scans and ct scans, should have been or i was hoping my 5 year clearance. Tomorrow i will have a liver biopsy to see if the  cancer has changed in any way, must addmit i'm not looking forward to it and don't really know what to expect 



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    @dawn01 I was diagnosed with widespread liver mets in 2012 so 5yrs ago now, it was 6weeks shy of my 10yr milestone since primary diagnosis, bit peeved about that o got to tell you.  Like you I was anxious about what to expect with a liver biopsy. I don't remember much about the procedure as they give you a drug that makes you forget what happened makes you a bit drowsy, I remember going to get the biopsy lying on my side think I had a bit of local for the needle or whatever they used, I remember complaining that's it I don't remember having the procedure done, afterwards I had a dressing on my right side but no pain so that was good.

    im now 15yrs since primary diagnosis and 5 yrs living with liver mets.

    all the best for your liver biopsy 

    hugs xx
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    Sorry to hear the cancer is back. Did you feel very sick or anything to bring on all the tests? At least the biopsy should be the end of all the tests so put that behind you. Best wishes on the biopsy and let us know how you get on. <3
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    Dawn01, my mother had a liver biopsy and they give you light sedation. She felt nothing and next she knew she was awake. All the best.
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    Biopsy done and dusted just a local to numb the area. Problem showed up in my blood test liver function test was over doulble what it should have been, tu or markers were also up so my oncologist ordered follow up they came back worse. Friday I'm  booked i  for pet scan, Monday  I have a cardio eco and port to go in around wednesday chemo to start in a week or two.
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    Dawn01, sorry you have to face this again. 
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    @dawn01 I'm so sorry to read that you have to go thru chemo again, will you be having Abraxane for your liver mets?

    all the best 
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    Never really thought about how important a blood test can be but in your case its sort of turned out life saving as it alerted them to the liver troubles. Not much time between your port in and the chemo. Have you had one before? I was lucky and got away without having one but they do seem to be very handy when you need one.
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    My blood work showed almost no changes at all and it was an upper abdo ct for gallstones that found my liver and bone mets. Even now my blood work isnt really showing much. I hope thats a good sign.
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    It just goes on and on.  How assuring is it that we have such a great medical system in Australia.  Hang in there. Sending hugs and please keep us posted.
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    @dawn01 just sending you a big big hug. Xx 
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    Started chemo again, 3 weeks on then a week off, haven't had my port put in yet that should be on my off week if they can get me in, still doesn't feel real.
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    @dawn01 hard to make any sense of it all.  After the shock another new normal begins.I feel for you. How frustrating it is.
    cancer cannot take away your spirit or destroy love.Having a port in is fine and I was happy with mine as made life so much easier. Just another hurdle to get through lots of love 
  • dawn01dawn01 Member Posts: 13
    No never had a port before, they've start me on abaraxane their going into the vein until they get my port in so it'll be another 2 weeks as they wanted to get the chemo into me as soon as they could
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