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  • Southgirl
    Southgirl Member Posts: 80
    I saw that article too - it describes so accurately what it is like to live with metastatic cancer.
  • melclarity
    melclarity Member Posts: 3,524
    That was an interesting read! Thanks for sharing, and I completely understand her viewpoint, I think Id be the same to be honest..xo
  • Zoffiel
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  • wendy55
    wendy55 Member Posts: 774
    I too, read the article, I am nearly 4 years post metastatic, and some days it is just so hard,in my mind and my heart I will always have hope, it seems it will be my body that will let me down and if and when that happens I just dont know what
    I will do, thank you Afraser for a very thought provoking comment -