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Will the curls stay? Plus trouble growing eyebrows

Hi, just wondering if anyone had straight here pre chemo and now has curly hair? My hair is very curly, fuzzy infact. Wondering if it will go or stay.

Also, anyone had trouble getting eyebrows back? Did anything help?

Cheers, Catherine



  • Cate64Cate64 Member Posts: 446
    edited February 2017
    me me me me :) & at the start i hated them, they were little tight fuzzy curls... but now 10 months later it has a little bit of length & a little bit of weight in them they aren't so fuzzy but actual curls instead I love them........... I hope they stay :) 

    & my eyebrows never went altogether they thinned terribly though & at the start I was thinking hurry up & grow back as it seemed my head hair was growing a lot faster then it was almost overnight I have eyebrows again...
  • CosetteCosette Member Posts: 652
    This phenomenon is often called chemo curls. I believe @Nadi, @Afraser, @Michelle R, @primek, and @Ne all have experience with this  :)
  • Catheriner1633Catheriner1633 Member Posts: 32
    thanks Cate. that sounds very encouraging. Cheers

  • Cate64Cate64 Member Posts: 446
    its a horrid horrid journey BUT we are warroirs, we are tough, we can acheive anything!!!!!
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 2,966
    I had the original bad perm when my hair grew back! As I had worn a wig, and a few people didn't know it was a wig, there were some funny conversations as to why I had moved from a smart, mainly straight (and dare I say rather flattering) style to a greyish frizzy mess! But hey, it was MY greyish frizzy mess!  Frequent cutting seems to be the answer. Trimming helped get some shape back, and each trim revealed better colour and less frizz. Curls were a glorious relief after pure lambswool frizz! My last single eyelash lasted fell out because there was a  minute row of new eyelashes appearing. Scared my husband with loud whooping noises from the bathroom. Eyebrows were a bit slower. I reckon my hair changed, albeit less dramatically, for a couple of years. Best of luck.
  • rowdyrowdy Member Posts: 1,165
    My hair came back really curly, but now 3 years on since end of chemo back to dead straight. It is very different much softer and very silver grey. I visit the hairdresser every month and fix the greys.
    Eyebrows quite thin before worse after chemo I had them tattoed look great.
    Good luck
  • NadiNadi Member Posts: 611
    I had my first hair cut (last week) since my hair grew back. My hair previously was long, dead straight with zero body in it. When it grew back I had tight little curls like Shirley Temple or Nicole Kidman during her BMX Bandits days. Now I am losing a bit of curl. There's less frizz but still plenty of body. I love it despite my sons telling me that I now have 'Nanna' hair when I am only 48!  So easy to manage.

    PS I wish I was a nanna but sons have to get girlfriends first!
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,353
    edited February 2017
    Here are the photo I tried to post on my personal response.

    Hair  just after surgery

    Hair post chemo ...5 months on

    Hair product I swear by plus regular trims to get rid of frizz and give it style

    I'm 52. And not a Nanna and thinking of uploading my sons profile into a dating app to help them along, lol. 

    I don't want to colour my hair but we will have to wait and see.
  • RNSWRNSW Central Coast NSW Member Posts: 121
    I am with you about the curls but a year after chemo and the curls don't look like they are going anywhere lol... i straighten the front a little. As for eyebrows mine come back all patchy and still are so a couple of months ago I had them cosmetically tattooed and I love it!!! Rita xo
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 5,353
    I had my eyebrows tattooed during chemo, thank goodness, and they remain sparse 5 months on.
  • mum2jjmum2jj Member Posts: 4,058
    I got to do chemo twice (lucky me) due to a recurrence. My hair looked like a very bad old lady perm after both lots of chemo. However it has now gone back to the dead straight hair I always had. Very grey,  but suspect it was under all the colour I had in it before BC. The one upside of the curls for me was that once I coloured it the grey's didn't show through nearly as quickly as they do now my hair is dead straight again. 
    Paula x
  • CarmelSCarmelS CanberraMember Posts: 253
    Mine came back very curly (also was dead straight) & eventually it straightened out, it had been grey but coloured for long long time so I knew it would grow back grey. But my hairdresser of twenty years &I I agree that it's almost like it went back to the baby stages....... it used to be extremely thick hair shafts & lots of it. Now it is much finer & only half as much. Although it does change even five years on, almost like a child's hair changes as they get older????
    Eyebrows used to be very thick & now they are much less so.....& not nearly as dark as they used to be. I don't think the Femara helps any of this !!
  • LITHGOW1950LITHGOW1950 Member Posts: 314
    Some interesting posts here. I finished chemo April 2016.  I always worn a bob style hairdo. Dark brown ( coloured) and my hair was very thick. So it, like many others ladies, came back white and very curly. I enjoyed the curl but couldn't get use to the look of myself when I looked in the mirror! Its now after only one hair cut starting to straighten out, it's very soft and although I seem to have plenty of hair it's not as thick as before. I know I'm due for a hair cut but it so goood having hair again I can't make myself go to the hairdressers. My eyebrows were always think. As I have a few grey hairs there now I have started getting them dyed and I like that look.
    thank for your post.
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,416
    edited February 2017
    Aha!!! LOL ohhh yes very NORMAL, the beauty is as it grows the curls drop and the fuzz slowly gets trimmed away at every hair cut. Im 13 months post Chemo and I straighten my curls but only until it gets a little longer as it looks funny but the top has now grown straight. So it changes this is my hair journey...LOL
  • Catheriner1633Catheriner1633 Member Posts: 32
    thanks so much for all your responses ladies. Cheers, Catherine
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