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Reconstruction with active bone mets?

Lisa1407 Member Posts: 258
edited January 2017 in Metastatic breast cancer
Today I had an appointment with my oncologist to get my recent PET results. My last PET three months ago showed that my bone mets were inactive and almost resolved. So, today I thought I was going to be told the same and could get my name on the waiting list for a reconstruction. However, I was told that my bone mets looked slightly active again and that I need to change from Fulvestrant to Letrozole in the hope that the Letrozole would stop the activity. I was wondering ifyou are able to get a reconstruction if you have active mets?


  • primek
    primek Member Posts: 5,392
    Whilst I don't know for certain I can't see why not. I guess it depends on your health at the time of surgery etc. But if needing bowel ops etc it just gets done same as everyone else,  so a reconstruction shouldn't be any different. It's all about quality of life after all and hopefully for a good long time for you. Kath x
  • Ann-Marie
    Ann-Marie Member Posts: 1,142
    Hi @lisa1407 I just wanted to let you know we have a few private groups you may be interested in joining - "Living with metastatic breast cancer" & "choosing breast reconstruction" .
  • Jane221
    Jane221 Member Posts: 1,196
    Hi Lisa, like Kath I can't see why you can't have reconstruction if your surgeon believes you are healthy enough to go through it. I am aware of a couple of ladies who have mets and are having reconstruction so I would definitely say it's worth having the conversation with your breast surgeon. Hopefully some of the ladies in either of the groups Ann-Marie mentioned can help you out further. Best wishes, Jane xx
  • mum2jj
    mum2jj Member Posts: 4,332
    Hi Lisa, 
    I have an acquaintance who has been living wth bone mets for 14 years and she had a reconstruction quite a few years ago. I think definately a conversation for you to have with your oncologist and breast surgeon. 
    Paula xxx