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Woke up this morning sun was shining, no wind,got up & got ready for my 5km parkrun as I do every Saturday morning. By the time I got there it was blowing a gale & cloudy but off we went, like we always do rain , hail or shine. Had Flynn, a Kelpie, attached to me as his human is on the injured list & cant run & off we went, 5.2km smashed in 35mins, high five to me.

Dont understand how I can be so ill yet feel so good,I wonder the same thing everydqy but particularly on Saturdays when I can run 5.2km will little effort...


  • kayviekayvie Melbourne Member Posts: 157
    Well done to you @Cate64! Super effort! A great example of mind over matter...this weekly run is probably your happy place. Long may you run x
  • ccasperccasper Central Coast, NSWDragonfly Posts: 190
    @Cate64 I did my first park run today! It was a park walk but it was great! Windy too!!
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,416
    That's fantastic Cate! Though Im actually in awe, I was incredibly ill for 4.5 months of Chemo, I could barely walk, so incredibly drug sensitive so didnt cope with Chemo at all or any meds needed to alleviate symptoms. Still waiting 10 months post chemo to be able to exercise been a long hard road, so am in awe of anyone that manages as you have! Excellent. xo Melinda
  • Liana_annaLiana_anna SydneyMember Posts: 52
    Wow..well done cate64!!! thanks for your post...it feels so good to know that if you could do that so maybe I can do that too... You sparked that little fire in me so I'm gonna start with a little walk after dinner tonight. hugs, Liana xx
  • Cate64Cate64 Member Posts: 446
    @ccasper, well?? what did you think of parkrun & have you been again??

    I am all set to compete in City2Sea on Sunday..... just the 5km this year but I am hoping, that by setting myself goals & eating super healthy & remaining very active that, next year, I can compete in the 10km event instead..

  • ccasperccasper Central Coast, NSWDragonfly Posts: 190
    I was on the south coast last week so couldn't but hopefully this weekend @Cate64
  • Cate64Cate64 Member Posts: 446
    parkrun is worldwide @ccasper, so you can use your barcode at any of them & it goes to your history. Just incase you weren't aware - you are not limited to your home run. 

    Hope you get there & enjoy it this week :)
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