Friday Update!

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A big hello to everyone. Welcome to the Friday Update.

This week we have 16 new members. Please welcome @majo, @sowelu, @elaineg and all our new members.

Community highlights

This week in the online network we have seen birthdays celebrations, achievements and special occasions. A big shout-out to @socoda who has been right on top of our members birthdays and has created so much happiness online. Another special shout-out to @InkPetal. Her creative talent has been shared in a book launched by St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane titled "Companion". The mindfulness coloring book for woman with breast cancer also contains words of encouragement from other breast cancer patients. Congratulations!

(image: St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane Facebook page)

Here are some conversations you may have missed this week:

News & events

A big congratulations to BCNA founder Lyn Swinburne who last night won
the Social Enterprise & Not-For-Profit category in the Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence awards! We are very proud of all you have done for Australians affected by breast cancer, Lyn!

Cancer Australia
clinical practice guidelines to drive better experience for breast cancer - Breast
Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) welcomes the release of the Cancer Australia Statement -
influencing best practice in breast cancer
that aims to
identify and influence best practice in breast cancer treatment and care across

To read more click here.

Berlei launches new
mastectomy bra - Breast Cancer Network Australia is thrilled that Berlei has launched a new range of bras for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In tribute to Chrissy Amphlett, front singer of the Divinyls who died
of breast cancer in 2013, Berlei has joined forces with J Walter
Thompson creative agency to launch the Chrissy bra. To read more click here. 

BreaCan - BreaCan conducts free information sessions on a regular basis. The information sessions are a great way to access information and
connect with others in a similar situation. Information sessions are coordinated by BreaCan staff and involve
medical, allied health and other specialists, including creative
therapists. Click here to see what information sessions are available.

Inspired Adventures - Our Inspired Adventures campaign is heating up for 2017 with Tuscany and Larapinta both full, but we have one last trip to tempt you. Iconic. Formidable. One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World…and we’re going there! Join us at the world famous Grand Canyon in October 2017 for an experience you will never forget. You will push yourself as you hike to the rim of the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon, explore Havasupai, crossing tropical streams, clamber up side canyons with red rock walls, and perhaps swim beside a 200 ft. waterfall. After the trekking is done, immerse yourself in the vibrant hub that is Las Vegas! Find out more here.

Dine Pink - This week South Bank, Brisbane​ restaurants and bars are participating in dine pink and donating proceeds from special meals, drinks and tables to BCNA. A big thank-you to everyone participating.

Health and wellness tip

out brussel sprout!

either love them or hate them. But developing a love of these green little
bundles and other green vegetables from the same cruciferous/brassica family has its benefits.

These little cabbage like bundles are jammed packed
full of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Including the mighty sprout in your
diet may help improve immune system function, reduce tiredness and fatigue,
improve bone and joint health and they can have fantastic anti-inflammatory

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Ann-Marie xx


  • Gerryb
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    Where can we buy a copy of the book @InkPetal
  • primek
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    I'm  currently obsessed with brussel sprouts . ..hate them steamed but roasted or pan  cooked with a little oil and they are amazing ..dress with balsamic glaze or an olive oil balsamic dressing. My current  fav version it pan  cooked brussels, red  capsicum,  mushrooms  with cherry tomatoes chucked in at the end. Served with olive oil balsamic and oregano dressing...just a smidge....delish
  • Ann-Marie
    Ann-Marie Member Posts: 1,142
    @primek I'm going to have to give this a try :)
  • Deanne
    Deanne Member Posts: 2,163
    Thanks so much for the ideas on how to make Brussel sprouts yummy @primek. I'm going to try them this weekend. I like them, even steamed, but not so much the rest of the family! I've also pulled them apart leaf by leaf (very painstaking!) and added them to bolognese pasta sauce. The only way to get the rest of the family to eat them but I think they will go for your pan cooked version  :)
  • primek
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    @Deanne I cut the brussel sprouts in half and use spray oil...the idea is to get a real scorched look....put them in first as they need longer to cook than the rest. When roasted they become sweet...gooey inside, crunchy outside. cauli and broccoli nice roasted too. The pan needs to be very hot.
  • InkPetal
    InkPetal Member Posts: 499
    Aww! Thank you so much for the shout-out @Ann-Marie_BCNA :heart:

    @Gerryb I have been asked this so many times now :'( but it isn't available outside of St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital. It's a dream of mine now to have something like it available Australia-wide, even world, so I'm working on it!

  • iserbrown
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    the TV show the Cook and the Chef featured the recipe in the link above - it is enjoyed in our house