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Hi ladies,
My mum is currently undergoing chemo combo of Doxorubicin & Cyclophosphamide, and is anyone in remission after being on this combo?

Thank you... 


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    AC chemo as it is often called is a commonly prescribed combo for breast cancer. I've just compmeted ACT-H...well still doing the H. They don't  actually say you are in remission  (they may with metastatic cancer ) but I am sure many women are staying cancer free. 
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    Yay Kath!!! Yes this is what I say ALL THE TIME!!! Cancer Free..I NEVER use the word remission :) subtlety with words lol, changes the power of them. 

    I dont know that combo, I had FEC plus Taxol, so depends on what her diagnosis is, mine was for ER+ only but 3rd stage aggressive. I was cancer free before Chemo, after surgery and it was removed with clear margins and lymph nodes...full scans etc., Chemo is to erradicate any cell left in the body.

    Melinda xo

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    Thank you both for your replies. Mum has ER+ Stage 4. Her markers are going down and she's responding well to the combo. Doxorubicin also known as Adriamycin and Cychlophasmacide known as Cytophosphane. She's not in the all clear yet. She's only had 4 rounds so far. How many rounds did you ladies have? Her tumor marker ca153 is currently sitting at 306. 

    Thank you again
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    I was early stage breast cancer for ER+Her2+ grade3...stage 1. I had 4 cycles of AC then 12 weekly taxol and 17 herceptin every 21 days.
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    Thank you primek 
    Just wondering also, once she's completed her chemo, will she be completely off medication or will they give her taxol? I understand it varies from women to women. 
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    Some people can't have taxol so that would be up to the oncologist but normally she would and also commence an aramatose inhibitor to block the estrogen. They may have a diff chemo in mind, some have 6 cycles of AC...write all down and ask at next appt.
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    Thank you kindly primek...
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