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Tomorrow is my 2 monthly Oncologist visit & as usual I am beside myself with fear. Had my bloods taken 2.5 weeks ago & worried that my tm's have gone up again. Every little twinge sends me into a panic mode.

Dear lord how are we supposed to cope with this ongoing rollercoaster of emotions that will never stop........ The worst time of the day for me, every day, is the drive home from work when I am sitting in traffic - thats when all the what ifs start blitzing thru my mind like bombs exploding....


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    Hi @Cate64. We have a booklet that containts stories and messages from women with metastatic breast cancer. It was created in the hope that they will give you inspiration, hope, and determination. The hard copy is currently out of stock, but you can read or download a soft copy here.

    If you need someone to talk to, we provide professional one-on-one counselling support to women and men with metastatic breast cancer, and their families. It's free and confidential. Click here to find out more and book an appointment.

    Is there someone going with you to your appointment tomorrow? We'll be thinking of you.
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    Hi Cate. All I can recommend is to take deep breaths. The anxiety you are feeling is totally understandable as we go into fight or flight mode. Deep breathing helps to reduce the cortisol (stress hormone) that courses through our bodies when we have anxiety attacks. Also what about putting on some kick ass music as you drive home? I always like to belt out "let it go' from frozen at the tops of my lungs while driving if I am feeling anxious or am overly worrying about anything. It's so shitty we can't control the journey we are on. Wishing you all the best for your appointment tomorrow.
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    Cosette - this is the first appointment I have to attend alone as my husband has returned to work..... I am so nervous......... It is 11 months since my mets diagnosis & most of the time I am ok but the couple of weeks prior to an Onc appt I get anxious & nervous & teary...

    Thanks Nadi...
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    OH Cate, 
    can you ring a girlfriend or your mum to go with you ? I don't have mets so can't speak from that point of view. But I get the same anxious etc prior to my appointments. I agree with Nadi I use music and meditation to still the What ifs
    What time is your appointment? 
    This ride is sh*tty and I have to say Oncology appointments are my most anxious things now. 

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    its a 10.20 appt but at the Northern Hospital I could be there waiting for hours & the waiting room is the worst, I dont think they realise how stressful that wait it for oncology patients. 
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    Deeply sympathise, I have every conceivable ache, pain,twinge, potential lump before my annual tests. I am fine at the quarterlies but not the annual. No amount of telling myself it's psychological, understandable but not necessarily real works. Deep breathing genuinely helps. Be kind to yourself, fear is something we all experience on this little roundabout. The up side is that spring day feeling when we know things are going well. I hope you experience that one very soon.
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    HI Cate,

    I attended 99% of all my appointments on my own, so I can understand your extra anxiety, but I think you dont realize you are stronger than you think. :) You can do it, a big breath and a big step in, hugs for good news! xo Melinda
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    Hi Kate I know the feeling. I had a bone scan last week and see my oncologist next Tuesday. These days sometimes I'm glad to have the scans so if there is anything going on at least I can start treatment or though I'm not looking forward to srarting chemo again after being off it now for 22 months. I was on Aromison but from the blood test it may not be doing its job . I guess I will have to just go with the flow. We are lucky to have many treatments available but I wish they could come up with something that didn't have side effects.  Good luck. Sending you hugs  Wendy h 67
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    Aha!!!! See!! you had it! You didnt need anyone with you, because you had YOU! xo Melinda
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    Bloody awesome news @Cate64
    Alice xoxo 
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    Yayyyyyyyyy Cate!! That's wonderful - congratulations!! Xx
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    Hi Cate - it is natural that you felt like that!  

    I started to write to you prior to your appointment and got side tracked and now I see that your news is fab!  Excellent!   Next time you get into that mode try and put your mind into a cheesy song or a happy thought rather than the worry!  Worry saps energy!  I need to heed my own advice sometimes, goodness the side effects drives me nutty!

    Fab news, xx
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    so happy for you Cate!  You must feel light as a feather now the terrible weight of not knowing has been lifted.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Jane x
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