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Prosthesis for swimming

Hi ! I am hoping someone on here could help me solve my little dilemma


  • DeanneDeanne Sunshine Coast QldMember Posts: 2,150
    Hi Melissa
    I gather you are after some info about a prosthesis to wear when you swim? I actually use my swimming prosthesis for most things. I find it sits better in my exercise bra which I wear most of the time. 
    My swim form is an Amoena Aqua Wave. I think it only cost about $100 which is a lot cheaper than a lot of other prostheses too! I got it at a Lingerie Specialist in Brisbane along with mastectomy bras and a regular (more expensive) prosthesis. 
    If you have any other questions just ask and I might be able to answer them for you. Hope this helps. Deanne xxx
  • Melissa BMelissa B Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Deanne, that's great, I will look into them 
  • StephensStephens Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a prosthesis for my swimming togs from a Brisbane shop specialising in Breast cancer needs.  It has been great to use for many years.   I am considering wearing it in some cammies I bought from the same shop, as the size matches my remaining breast in a cammie, compared to the prosthesis I use in my bras. 
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