Exercise and Chemo- ABC Catalyst

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Thought I would share this link I was sent to the Catalyst program (ABC i-view).  It showcases a medical trial in WA testing the effect exercise has on chemotherapy.  It is showing remarkably positive results.  http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/catalyst/SC1502H014S00. 


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    Hi Krooz.

    Since seeing this program I have been seeing an exercise physiologist. At the time I was half way through Taxol and had just started Herceptin. (I have also been through masectomy, reduction and diep reconstruction in Feb this year) I was given an intial strength and cardio assessment and a simple program which included 150 mins a week of moderate walking. My cardiovascular improvement and strength has improved out of sight! My side effects have reduced and I feel like I have some control over how I feel. 

    Also if you get a referral from your gp, under the chronic disease management plan, you can get 5 visits under Medicare.

    I highly recommend making an exercise program part of your treatment.

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    Hi Jen I Am-  thank you for reporting on your experience. I had not heard of an exercise physiologist.  I will definitely investigate.  It's good to hear how helpful this has been for you.  I agree with you so much of this journey is about finding a way to gain some control.

    Wishing you all the best. 


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    Hi, if you search this forum, you'll see a bunch of discussions around this program - including someone who was actually in the program who was quite helpful in providing more information.

    Since the show aired, I've also been seeing an exercise physiologist. I can't remember the link but one of the BCNA forum administrators circulated a link that allowed you to find a local exercise physiologist. I think its been really positive.

    Perhaps search under other discussions to find more information.

    Cheers, Anne