Patient Information Seminar in Adelaide

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The Multinational Association for Supportive Care in Cancer (MASCC) is the world’s premier society for supportive care in cancer.

The Association will be hosting their annual conference this year in June in Adelaide. The conference brings together the world’s leading experts to examine and discuss symptoms and complications of cancer treatment, methods to reduce cancer induced side-effects as well as ways to address the emotional challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis. At this year’s meeting, a Patient Seminar will be held on June 22 from 2pm-6pm at the Intercontinental Hotel. The seminar will be an opportunity for patients, caregivers, and survivors to join and interact with clinical experts in supportive care. Short talks will be given by clinicians and cancer survivors. There will be time for questions and discussion about the cancer patient journey and how it changes lives.

There is no charge for attendance, however, it is recommended to reserve your spot in advance. If you would like to register or to fund our more information about the event, please contact