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Hi..My journey started in2011....Many treatments,operations ,waiting rooms and all that goes with  the journey later.......diagnosed triple negative,grade 3. For those not familiar with triple negative it means that that the cancer  cells do not need hormones for their growth and can not be treated with hormones to suppress growth.      I was given a 5% of it not returning...slightly more with chemo.

Twelve months later another tumour and lymph nodes removed. Chemo and radiation.

Another year,another tumour.....and this is where I need to get my story out there and maybe help a lot of ladies in my situation When a lump turned  up in my neck (cavicular  fosser)  my surgeon told me  he could  not or would not remove it....The biopsy came  back  B cell lymphoma and another Doctor requested it be was mostly  breast  cancer  cells.

The reason I needed to share my story.....18 months ago I was told to go home and get my life in order and "count every day as  a bonus: ..If that tumour had not been removed my shoulder would  now be attached to my  neck.

I would hope  to  change the way Doctors treat  metastasied  cancer.

Don' t know how.



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    Hi Kezzian,

    I have been staring at the flashing cursor for ages now thinking of how to respond to your post as my daughter had two tumors removed and is also triple neg diagnosed 1st oct last year and luckily she doesn't remember the awful stats she was given before chemo,  but I do and I struggle everyday with the thought it may come back, she has had a partial mastectomy no lymph node involvement thank goodness but its scary everyday.

    I will be on your band wagon and jump up and down while im alive for ALL the medical profession to have the same guidelines for testing and procedures for all women. Because my girl is so young and we have seen many doctors it has actually changed a few doctors  way of thinking yep she is young it may not be a fibroandoma it could be breast cancer lets check properly.

    Anyway thanks for opening up the topic hope your treatment is going well

    Cheers Sue xxx 



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    Ok I'll stop windging not about my breast cancer treatment battle just the one round. You must be such a strong lady to soldier on over years. My hat off to you. You are an inspiration to others to keep on fighting.

    Yes there are future treatments apart from your standard regime being tested as we speak and new drugs coming out all the time. All everyone can do is hang in there like you and hope it gets loads easier in the future. xxxxxxx