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3 Times is enough

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2003 - found a lump in my right breast - lumpectomy and radiation. Follow up with arimedex.

2010-recurrence in right breast -mastectomy and lymph node removal although all clear-follow up Femara. Thought ok all will be well Annual check up with surgeon and 6 monthly check up with oncologist.

2014- mammogram suspicious left breast. Biopsy - all clear. Decided on prophylactic mastectomy in June.

2015- annual check up CT scan - metastatic breast cancer in bones and lungs.Devastation,anger disappointment sadness. Radiation follow up with Aromosin and Afinitor. I have had to talk to myself a number of times since- throw out the poor me and what ifs. Not handling the blood tests, scans and treatment however I have wonderful support and need to take each day as it comes. I really appreciate everyone's posts as the feeling of being alone is swept away. Stay strong everyone


  • Robyn W
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    Hello:) How devastating this must be.I can't even begin to imagine how you  look ahead and remain positive.I guess like all of us,even though everyone is at a different stage of treatment ,you just take it one day at a time.Please stay in touch on here,as the support you will receive is different from the support we get from family and friends.I am sure that other ladies,perhaps some with similar stories,will be along shortly to reply to your post.Cheers Robyn xox

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    I am so sorry to hear this, yes threetimes is enough. I was first diagnosed 2007 with idc in left breast, lumpectomy and 6 weeks radiotherapy. Again in 2013 with dcis in right breast and again in 2014 with idc in left breast and suspicious area in right breast. Opted for a bilateral mastectomy instead of a unilateral and they found lcis in the right breast. This is my first post but have found this site invaluable over the last twelve months. Try to stay strong. Cheers Trudi

  • kazza4450
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    So sorry to hear of your struggle with this rotten illness. I'm fairly new here to all this, 7 weeks since diagnosis. 2 surgeries, awaiting treatment plan. 

    Stay strong. Thank you for sharing. You will be in my prayers for successful treatment and miraculous road back to full health. 


  • Karel01
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    Thank you everyone. Yes Robyn the reason I decided to post as I need to talk and debrief with others who have been on this journey. My fabulous family and friends are there for me but they don't just "get it" and I also have a great counsellor who gives me good advice. But I believe only those who have been through it knows how deep the anxiety feelings one experiences.. Cheers everyone.

  • Arleene
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    Hi There,

    This is such an awful Disease, I was Diagnosed on 9th of May and saw my surgeon soon after for a Biopsy and officially Diagnosed on 21st May with Early Stage Breast Cancer Ductal Carcinoma and I had a Lumpectomy and 1 Lymph Node removed on the 24th June he got everything so I'm just waiting for my treatment plan to be discussed on Thursday and see him on Friday, I can't Imagine how you must be feeling I hope and Pray that it all turns out well for you and this network of support on here is invaluable as although family and friends give you enourmous support no one but someone who has Breast Cancer can truly know how you feel, three times is more than enough just know that you are in my thoughts we are all here to suoort you and someone said to me in a post YOU ARE NOT ALONE and It's so True.

    Lots of Cyber Hugs and heaps of Smiles,