Happy International Women's Day

Lyn Swinburne
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Like so many of you, I have been watching and listening to the many discussions about inequality for women, as we mark today's 100th anniversary of IWD.  There is always so much more to be achieved.  I think mostly everyone agrees we do need more female Executives and Directors on our corporate Boards.  It makes good corporate sense to ensure a variation of viewpoints and approaches are considered.  Whilst we'd love to have more women in power, I think it's also important to acknowledge how far we have come.

My daughter was amazed when I told her about the rules when I was doing my teacher training.  I know it wasn't exactly yesterday, but we were not allowed to wear trousers/pants on teaching rounds - skirts and dresses HAD to be worn!  Not too long before that, women who were in careers including teaching, had to give up their positions once they married.  The expectation was that married women stayed at home - firstly to care for hubby, and then the children.  If you didn't marry, then  you just understood that you would receive less pay than your male counterpart, even though the work was the same!  My daughter thought this was simply outrageous...and she was spot on!

IWD makes me think about all the women who have worked hard to make our community and our world a better place.  In thinking of the breast cancer world, I want to acknowledge all those women who have used their energies to make things better for the women who follow us.  I'm thinking of women who've established and run breast cancer support groups, been volunteers in hospitals, represented us on committees, spoken out to make the services better.

So many people remark that they wish there was a BCNA-type organisation for all cancer groups.  There are a number of resaons why it's more challenging for some groups, but really the bottom line is that women feel passionate about giving back and are prepared to take action for the benefit of others.

So, I say to all those fabulous women who make up our Network - more power to you and to us all!

Enjoy the day!

Lyn x