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Hi there... Well the last 6 weeks have been a bit of a ride .... microcalcifications on mammogram, biopsy, and then surgery to take a larger sample for a more definitive diagnosis to my diagnosis yesterday of high grade DCIS...

I think i am still a bit stunned but trying hard to get my head around what next and looking for resources and fellow travellers as i start this journey - which is what has brought me here...

would love to connect with people who  can help point me in the right direction, share their experiences or just listen to how im feeling and reassure me that "its normal"....

I am lucky as i have a really supportive family but there is something to be said for that connection of shared experience.

Whilst my practical and logical side tell me that mastectomy in my situation is the best alternative, my feminine side struggles with the loss of that part of me.

My head is racing .....




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    Hello Chorsell,

    Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your BC diagnosis :( ...welcome to the club that nobody wants to be a member of.

    Secondly, you have come to the right place to connect with other women who have experienced BC and who can relate to what you are going through :) It is certainly a difficult and stressful time, full of uncertainty and massive change, and it is lovely to have others to relate to as you navigate your way through the maze of treatment and upheaval in your life. Do you live in Adelaide? We have a very active chat room on Facebook if you are interested. Here is the link:

    We also meet regularly throughout various suburbs in Adelaide, and have  a Facebook Page too.

    If you require any further information, please let me know.

    Welcome again,

    Take care

    Celeste ?