"I am sorry but you have breast cancer"...

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These are the words WE have all heard at different times from different health professionals.

Over the past week I have heard three different women trivialise their diagnosis- why you ask?

Well because they "only needed a lumpectomy followed by minimal ongoing treatment ( in one case, and radiation for the other two) they somehow feel their diagnosis ranks lower on the "Breast Cancer Richter Scale". (my own little choice of words, girls!)

I am sorry but I disagree totally- we are all in the same boat when we hear those damned words "... you have breast cancer."

May you all travel well, experience less side effects of whatever you are undergoing, and be able to enjoy life again. But, the most important thing I can wish you is that you be KIND to yourselves.


  • Robyn W
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    Well said Mandy.We are all the same most definitely
  • adean
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    You are so right Mandy, the hardest part is the part it plays on your mind and your emotions sometimes that's harder than all the rest. Adean x
  • Custard
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    And I hope the online support helps you this week and in the future. It is funny that some old sayings still apply- "a trouble shared is a trouble halved".
    Breast cancer is different in every case because we are ALL different but as you wrote, we all have the same fears and worries.
    I am ten years down the track in May, so take strength from my journey even though my story is not your story.
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    Hi Mandy 

    one of the things I love about this site is that I read about people who HAVE survived and been on this journey. It certainly gives me hope, and the support here is wonderful. I certainly will need that support over the next few months and appreciate it very much. and sharing with people who have been there is a help. xx

  • Custard
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    and it is the "elephant in the room"! We can all relate to your words.

    Hope today is a better one for you, Viv.

    My chin is up, Mandy