Relay for Life

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I am entering this event for the first time this year and have found out some general information.  to any ladies, family member or friends, this is an opportunity to get together at St Leonards for a special occasion on March 29th at 12 on the Saturday.  I have paid my $20 and have my top, and entered in Donna Reid's Team and she calls it Boobiliscious.  I paid my money at the Northern Cancer Support Centre 69 Howick Steet.  If any one wants to join in, they do a couple of laps of an oval at the start for the "SURVIVORS".  The Relay is very "casual" you only walk for as long as you want to in our team, and dont have to walk through the night.  You can walk on Sunday if you want to, for as long as you want.  You dont have to fund raise.  It is a great event apparently.  So if any of our lovely local Launceston group want to participate - or turn up please do.  Call in and speak to Donna on Tuesdays at the N C S C too!  X Cheers Bel