Love Your Sister

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Hey all,
Pretty cheeky of me to jump right into posting this after being AWOL for so long and just lurking, but I'm nothing if not cheeky.
Samuel Johnson's charity Love Your Sister has been staging events all throughout Australia, and he's currently doing the Gold Coast Area and making his way down the NSW coast.
I'm heavily involved in the NSW events.
Just wanted to remind you that every cent of what he raises is going directly to fund research -- which is a win for TBNC sufferers as we get dumped in the 'too hard' basket all too often. As well, exciting frontiers are opening up in terms of both tailored chemotherapy and cellular DNA therapies, which might hold some answers for us TNBCers.
If you are on Facebook - search for Love Your Sister to see if he's coming to your area. He's a great guy, a bit of a larrikin but not up himself one bit -- and he's doing an awesome thing. He'd love to see more fighters like us rock up because it gives him hope that he's making a difference.
If you want to see more about Sam and his charity, go to, or watch his videos on Youtube (see a recap of what's been happening at
And if you are interested in coming along to the Newcastle or Central Coast event - email me or friend me on Facebook. I'd love to see you there.