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hi my name is michele im 44 years young i have 3 kids boy 18 and identical twin girls 17,,,,and a beautiful loving hudband... im a lucky girl... last thursday i had two tumors removed and only 1 node. recoveing well,,,, have had good days and teary days but all in all very positive, the support is amazing im feeling so much love and beautiful healing light... next step see the surgoen this friday for results after surgery and waiting treatment plan ...



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    Good luck with the surgeon and heres hoping your treatment plan isn't to arduous.

    It isn't always easy but try and keep being positive it helps you get through the day.



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    thanks Donna

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    Hey Michele (spelling is same as mine :-)

    i am so happy to hear that you have such love and support around you and that you are happy with your surgery.

    Once you have seen the surgeon and know the outcome of your surgery and can put a plan of treatment together then you will be able to organise your life a bit better. 

    Keep yourself busy doing things you love to do and I will be sending you good vibes for Friday and your appointment.

    Lots of love,Mich xoxoxoxo