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Reading about everyone's fun wig shopping has made me think about my own experience. Now, that was a bad hair day! I personally wanted to wait and see how I felt once the hair was gone before getting a wig, but other people had a better idea.  They took me to a wig shop, the ladies were nice, very good at up-selling and of course the only wig that suited me was very expensive..$550 ($500 with the discount voucher from the RAH.) After a while of trying wigs and told this is the only one left etc etc, it all got a bit much and I burst out crying!  I took a short walk on my own to calm down and met everyone back inside. Looking back, that should've been the end of it, someone should've said, ok, not today...

I'll finish this later.


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    Sometimes well meaning friends just done mean well at the right times.  Sorry your experience was not nice.

    Tanya xx

  • Emma Fulwood
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    That's ok, thanks Tanya.

    I learnt from that experience to assert myself much more. I learned to listen to my gut and anyone else could just but out!

    As you'll see from pt 2 of my blog, a positive did come from it.

    It would've been great to have been able to have fun with the wigs as we girls always imagine. changing hairstyles, colour etc. But I'm so glad to hear others are having a good time with it.