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The Story So Far - Part 2

Pink66 Dragonfly Posts: 366
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With my kitchen totally demolished by "Tom the Wrecker", what is BC and all it's little friends supposed to do?? That is indeed the $64,000 question.

The Pest Inspector (who would rather be known as the Pest Murderer!!! as I was told recently) received the completion of work certificate from TTW and it was indeed with pictures and they were very nice NOT !!! Along with a report from the Pest Dissection Unit that told us that our suspicions were indeed correct and that BC had sent troops into the kitchen to ensure everyone was fed and content (numbers showing +90% for both estrogen and progesterone - greedy little suckers weren't they??) It was at that point decided that the communal kitchen should never, ever be rebuilt.

So today whilst going over previous reports it was also decided that the overhaul of the apartment block was on track and as a matter of course a survey by the superintendent (me) of the tenants to see if any issues still remained at this point. They were
- Structural Integrity is a bit still and not "flexing" too well at the moment
- Intermittent tap leakage from the top floor windows
- the heating and cooling is on the blink and tenants do know know which clothing to wear to bed at night
- Issues with lack of airflow causing tenants to become light headed without warning is on the increase

All of these items were noted and a rigerous new program has been put in place to minimise the effects of this report..... fingers crossed.

It has also been arrange that a structural integrity test will be undertaken and in the mean time structural repairs will be made monthly to begin to repair the damage BC and it's friends have caused so far.

I am 4 weeks off my next "surprise" planning visit to the Pest Inspector as it is always a "surprise" as to what comes next...... But fingers crossed that the demolishing and repairs that have been made to date will be enough for the poor tenants to have a bit of a relax for just a while..

Stay tuned for the next instalment...