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Morning all .... and it's a beautiful morning here ... sunshine, blue sky and 27 today.

Sorry getting a bit carried away .... Not writing to give you all a weather report. ... just a press release.

Have had front page today (for the second week in pink print) in our little local paper ... the town support for going pink is absolutely wonderful.  I'm totally blown away with the support I'm getting.

Had a call earlier this morning from the community radio station ... they want me in there tomorrow to do a live session so that will be fun.

Just hung up from that call and got another from thr Sunraysia Daily (have already had an interview about a month ago when I got this ":idea" floating around in the brain).  They are coming out tomorrow afternoon to do some photos around the town.

So two media sessions in the same day .... I will be selling autographs at bargain prices and all proceeds will go to BCNA ..... that will make us rich LoL !!!!

Have got anoter function tonight, actually a fundraiser for the race club, but have been asked to set up an info table and I can take merchandise to sell.

As i said .... its all about community support!!!

Cheers .... Shirl xx


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    are we all busy bees or what????, and Shirley you must be meeting yourself comming back.... lol, i'm thinking November will be sitting in the sun, relaxing with a beer for us all. but its all for a good cause, and yep Leonie you could be along side Shirley autographing in your TuTu, i'm sure the autographs will bring in a fair bit, hows your singing, you could be bcna new Susan Boyle. lol   cheers Moira

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    No I didn't inherit my mother's good singing voice.  Really bad!!!!!  My sister and I sang to her on her deathbed  and we wonder what she thought of the terrible sounds.XLeonie