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Secondary breast cancer

JessicaMiller Member Posts: 1
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September 2010 I met the love of my life to only find out his Mum had breast cancer.

In September 2011 she was cleared till 3 months ago it became secondary cancer in her neck and brain.

They did radiotherapy on her brain for a week with success and chemotherapy on her neck still ongoing.

Now yesterday they found 3 tumours in the back of her brain.

What does this mean?

Has anyone gone through something like this before ?


  • Anne Maree
    Anne Maree Member Posts: 173
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    Hi Jessica, Have a look at Samantha Cunninghams blog.


  • MandaMoo
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    Sam's experiences may help - she has had brain mets for a while now.

    There is also a website that I think is called www.brainmets.org.au or something similar - it's American but will have lots of resources and information and I think personal experiences.

    www.her2support.org is a good resource for her2 positive cancer and has many stories of people dealing with brain mets and some even with leptomenigeal mets too.