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Hi Girls

Hello from down south at windy Warrny. We are still pretty soggy down here with lakes where paddocks used to be. The Hopkins River steaming out into the Ocean has turned the waves brown for weeks. Only one new whale mum in the nursery this year, I think they all got swept away.

As you know I have recntly moved here and was a bit worried how I would make new contacts and friends. After having lived in Daylesford for 20 years I knew who was who and how to make things happen. Who would have thought that having been through breast cancer was going to be such a wonderful way to meet and become part of such a fabulous group of women in my new town!

I have joined and met new friends in 2 support groups, attended a committee meeting yesterday at St. John of God Hospital to help arrange their Mini-Field of Women,  (and to speak at it), made contact with our local Bakers Delights and introduced myself at Sussans.

Every one has been so welcoming, I feel part of the community already. Women are magnificent!

Wishing you all well for the celebrations during October, 'Paint your town Pink'

Ann x


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    isnt is great, how you can meet and connect with people, when having this terrible disease, at least good comes out of it. well done Shirley, and yes you wouldnt be our Shirl if you didnt sook. so good on you girl. Sook as much as you like!!!!

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    Hi girls and especially Shirl.  I thought you had gone quiet!!!!!! I must be lost in this site again.  It seems that we have to look into comments to find out what is happening?????  Good on you Ann.  I belong to the Rockhampton Dragonboat club and we are a great support group.  Unfortunately with the Fitzroy River, that we paddle on, in flood we don't get together each Sunday until all the floodwaters are gone and the barrage gates are closed.  Because my husband and I will be relocating to the Sunshine Coast within the next couple of years I thought I had better check out if there was a Dragonboat club there.  Anyway I googled and sent off an email.  I had a lovely reply from the ladies asking me to stay in contact. Yes we are a great group of women - good old Aussie spirit - wanting to help each other. XLeonie

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    Hi Leonie, no definately not quiet, but I have been giving myself "time out" for a day or so ... but the brain is still going at a million to one!!!

    We are having a "girls night in" on Friday at my hairdressers so have been into Mildura "pinking-up".  Having a raffle, guess lollies in jar, celebrity trivial pursuit, drinks, nibblies etc.  Have put the word out on f/b, e.mails, flyers etc ... just hope people turn up otherwise a few of us will have to consume plates of food and bottles of bubbly on our own!!!

    Glad that you have organised yourself for your move ... see you have new friends and you haven't even got there yet. There is a Dragonboat group in Mildura ... will have to get to that a bit further down the track. ..... I should be able to find a spare day or two on my "social calender"!!!!

    Cheers ..... Shirl xxx