Newly diagnosed + pre existing mental health

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Hello all
I was diagnosed in December, had surgery 3 weeks ago, and I am waiting for my oncology appointments to see what the next steps are.
I suffer from significant mental health issues, and was wondering what people did to cope with the massive news and treatments and the uncertainty 
Thanks 😊 


  • Afraser
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    Hard as it may be (and it’s quite hard for anyone) this is an excellent time to ‘live in the moment’. The moment may not be perfect but it’s what is actually happening. One of the dangers of cancer or any serious illness is imagining all the possible things that might happen. Anyone at all prone to anxiety doesn’t need to imagine things that haven’t happened and may never happen. Treatment may be difficult at times but it’s so much better than even a couple of decades ago and getting better. If you have a counsellor or mental health practitioner, discuss ways of coping and dealing with the here and now. Most people find exercise beneficial, being in the open air and nature, doing things that bring pleasure as often as possible. Make sure your oncologist understands your issues, how much detail you want (or don’t want). There is no right or wrong way to
    deal with this, just what’s right for you. Best wishes for your next steps. 
  • lindapb
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    Thank you
    It is a lot to deal with, and so many decisions. I will make sure all my treating team know about my struggles. It is hard not to delve into the doom and gloom of it all
  • Mahjah
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    I, like you, have serious mental health issues. My GP and my psychologist have been so supportive. My medication has been upped and others added.  Even so, when I see my breast care nurse I'm going to ask if there is any other form of mental health care support. I've rung the Cancer Hotline once to have a talk. My husband is in burn out and not coping at work so I try not to bother him. At least cancer and it's treatment has an end date,  mental illness doesn't. So if you've got this far with your mental illness, you're going to make it with cancer. Heck! Even kick it's butt! All the best! Feel free to msg me. 😄