Just been diagnosed triple Neg

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Hi every one. I  have stage 1 triple negative Breast cancer. I just got diagnosed today. Right now it feels like I'm goingvto die tomorow so some story's of hope and experiance would be amazing right now. It's been court early but I'm so scared it's going to spread before I can start my treatment 


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    Hi. sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was diagnosed with stage 2 TNBC on 1st Sept. the first few weeks are extremely overwhelming but things quickly settle down. I feel like you get so much information so quickly that your head spins. As you move through your journey and you get a plan you start to feel less overwhelmed and have time to process what you have been told. You get this incredible team of people around you that are in your corner and that helps you feel less alone.

    I am 3 months in to 6 months of chemo and then surgery. I find that if I take things one week at a time, tick off my weekly chemo, exercise, eat well and make sure I am trying to stay as stress free as is possible all help me feel more in control. 
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    Hi @riss81
    rest assured, you sound exactly like me when I was told I have BC. I thought I was going to die🤗.
    When the news was broken to me, none told me there are treatments for BC and I wasn’t going to die. I knew nothing about BC and the treatments. My BC is stage 3 and grade 3, diagnosed in mid Jul this year and PET showed it didn’t spread.

    I had surgery to remove the tumor successfully and now going through chemo. It’s normal to be anxious during this period as you will be waiting for results, I recommend not thinking about it ( the BC), as it doesn’t help and do as much things you enjoy before treatments start. I’ve learned to take things as they come esp during chemo with the side effects.


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    @riss81 its never great to get the diagnosis on a Friday because most places are closed over the weekend theres usually someone online here and as everyone so far has said. It doesn’t matter which cancer you have most people think am i going to die  etc etc. it is very scary when first told. Then time seams to drag until you get your plan sorted this doesn’t happen overnight. there is a triple negative group you can request to join. they will have a lot more answers specific to triple negative. @Mez_BCNA can you point riss81 in the right direction
     moderators are not usually on over the weekend but Mez will get the tag and respond next time
     she checks in
    you can put  into search bar triple negative and it will come up with discussions/posts in past. 
    Just remember not everyone is exactly the same
    if you are still struggling i copied this from an older post
    If you are worried or feeling anxious, BeyondBlue can be of assistance, they are available 24/7.  

    There is also lifeline which is available 24/7, they may be able to help immediately with someone to talk to.  

    Breathe and keep occupied and distracted do something that you enjoy whether its a lovely soak in a bubble bath or watching a good movie we have lots of loyal bcna members in Melbourne 
    I hope you have a trusted support person who can be with you along the way a second set of ears. I know i missed half the conversation in the first weeks. And if you don’t understand do the please explain.  There is also the My Journey tool/app
    Which has some great links and somewhere you can put some notes and questions. Alternatively put some notes in your phone. 
    One Last thing DO NOT DR GOOGLE or SAFARI SEARCH only use reputable sites. Like here or cancer council Those search engines can lead down a very scary path which is not specific to you and you don't need that at the moment 
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    Thanks @cranky_granny , @riss81 you have been added to the TNBC group. If we can be of any further support please do not hesitate to contact our Helpline 1800 500 258. You have had invaluable advice from our members which I'm sure you will find most helpful during this time
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    Thinking of you! I was in your place 26 years ago.. triple negative diagnosis with lymph node involvement. Give yourself time to breathe and concentrate on one day at a time! Vent often and laugh with friends.. and don’t be afraid to reach out to this network!
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    Thank you so much. Its such a nice thing to hear that your doing well and it has been 26 years . It means a lot to hear it. Thank you