What’s happening in choosing breast reconstruction….

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What’s happening in Choosing breast reconstruction. 

Hi all, 

Just a quick reminder for those who belong to the choosing breast reconstruction group but haven’t popped over recently to have a look. 

We have a member who is still in pain 6 months after a mastectomy with a direct to implant reconstruction. Here is the link if you can help. 

We also have a new member deciding on reconstruction after a second diagnosis. 

Sadly last month I shared the news of the passing of the founder of our choosing breast reconstruction group the beautiful @louiseturner. There is a post there for those wishing to post kind words. She was an amazing lady who helped many of us over the years since our group was founded. She has left a legacy that helped so many of us. 

If you are seeking help and advice in regards to reconstruction, please send a request to join and we will get you signed up as fast as we can. There are many posts and photos from those who have been where you are now. 

Remember ladies we are a private group so please pop over often to see if you can help those seeking support. 

Thanks all

Paula x