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Hi all, the lovely ladies at the westmead breast cancer institute said I should join this group as a support basis.   As all people I'm kind of still in a daze state about this even now after 1st round of chemo.  I'm not sure what to expect in the coming many months of treatment.  But on the upside my hair has not yet started to fall out.. waiting game I guess.


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    So sorry to see you join our select little group, @IlonaC - and SO GOOD that Westmead BCI suggested you join the group!! Pretty sure my surgeon is a part of that group, tho I had my surgery at Norwest.  

    Feel free to fill us in with a bit more of your story so far ..... have you had surgery yet or is it chemo first, then surgery?  Fingers & toes crossed that you don't lose your hair - not everyone does xx

    Jump onto this thread to see what else we have going on in the forum .... we have some 'off topic' threads where you can show off your pets, gardens, art & craft and more!  We even have a couple of funny threads, for a good belly laugh too!!  Feel free to add to any of them!  There are tick sheets, too, to 'self assess' how you are going ..... you could take those along with you to your team meetings - and if you feel a tad sad, give our helpline a bel on 1800 500 258 xx

    take care & all the best xx
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    Hi @IlonaC The ladies on here really are wonderful. We also have a few amazing men but most are not comfortable using the forum. Let us know what type of BC you have and what treatment you are receiving. Those who have been in the same position may be able to help alleviate your concerns. I am Her2+ and ER/PR -ve. Best wishes and keep in touch with any and all questions you may have. Hope to hear back from you soon. In the meantime I am sending you a virtual hug.
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    I have
    invasive carcinoma nst
    Er positive pr negative
    Her2 positive
    I think one of the cancer people said stage 3 maybe.  
    I don't have anything with exactly what I have written on it just a picture of the screen I took when getting the marker pin in the breast

    Not overly sure what it all means

    I am on a heavy chemo treatment of ddac. An injection of 2 red chemo and a big bag of chemo into the hand via tube..  again not up to speed on the lingo for all this.

    After this maybe surgery the a weekly chemo of something else 

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    We've had a few ladies say they have 'nst/no specific type' carcinomas!   Really weird - as usually the biopsy will identify it.  

    All the best with your chemo - make sure you keep the meds that the Onc girls have give you 'up' specially the first few days after each dose xx 

    With your surgery - are you thinking of reconstruction or going flat?  We have 2 private groups that you can join - the Reconstruction Group and the "Flat Chat'' group - where you can raise ANY question & see pics of both reconstructions and aesthetic flat closures.

    take care xx

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    I have not even thought about surgery or the loosing of the breasts.  I guess at some point I will have to stop avoiding/ignoring the fact that cancer is changing my life in ways I never thought about.
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     @IlonaC, Fingers & toes crossed that you may not need surgery & hopefully, minimal if it happens at all xx   

    Reconstruction can be for smaller surgery too ... I had a 'tiny' recon (moving breast flesh into the hole where the tumours were removed) at the time of surgery ... so was lucky to not need a 2nd op.

    All the best xx
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    @IlonaC Welcome 😊 you will find a great deal of support here ,, all the very best 💌