recently diagnosed with existing disability

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Nearly 46 year old, no family history right side mass or masses (just under 5 cm). In a lymph node. possible issue left side.

I also have cerebral palsy. I use an electric wheelchair. rely very heavily on my right arm for my independence. I work full time and live alone.

Worried about the medical hoopla and the interaction between the cancer and my cerebral palsy. Less worried about the outcome, than the journey  


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    That’s tough. You have possibly a lot to think
    about but, if at all possible, try and take things one step at a time. You need a complete diagnosis and your medical team in place. This will happen and then you are in a better position to discuss options and to know who
    to discuss them with. Your independence is obviously very important and you need to make sure your team know that but there may be some occasions when some practical help
    is useful and your team may be able to assist in accessing that help. I had virtually no experience of major medical treatment (or practitioners) prior to diagnosis but I suspect it’s hard to tell what’s more difficult, no experience or too much! As with any medical interaction, feeling comfortable and trusting in your relationship with key medicos is critical. You can always ask for a second opinion if uneasy. Worry about one step at a time, not the whole journey - you don’t have a road map yet. One step at a time can take you a long way. Best wishes. 
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    Welcome @Charliwillow to the club no-one thought about joining.  
    As has been said, you have a lot to think about but no doubt you have plenty of support re your CP and they should be able to tap into BC supports for you.
    Once you have a proper diagnosis and a plan in place you will feel things get easier to manage.
    One thing is for sure - ask, ask, ask.  No question is too small or too silly and you need to be your own advocate much of the time.
    You may need extra assistance along the way and do take anything that is offered to you.
    If you add your general location into your profile others who are nearby may be better able to guide you.
    The BCNA helpline is also available so take advantage of that resource.
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    Hi @Charliwillow , thankyou for joining this supportive online community. I can see you have already had supportive responses. As mentioned by Afraser, try to take it each day and wait until all the options are discussed with you. June1952 mentions also popping in your location as there will be people who have come before you that may be able to provide you with more support relevant to your area. 

    You will likely be connected with a Breast Care Nurse in the coming weeks, you can read more about their role here

    Cancer Council have a great list of resources specifically for those who are navigating a cancer diagnosis and living with a disability:

    Cancer Council - Support for people living with a disability

    You may like to check out our My Journey resource and I have shared a video with you:

    My Journey - Living well with breast cancer and a disability

    Please feel free to contact our Helpline 1800 500 258 if you require further support during this time.
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    A big Hello and a hug 😊
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    Hi @Charliwillow, just want to say hello too 👋 I’m hoping you get the very best of medical care from professionals who listen well. 😊
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    thank you all
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    Hi again @Charliwillow - was just thinking about how young you are and sorry you have to join the club and deal with this, though it sounds like you are an overcomer of obstacles.  Like you I'm not so worried about the outcome but the journey - and for me uncertainty about the exact nature of the treatment isn't fun.  Please let us know how things go as you get more information.  Big hugs from Helen  :)