Cold cap during chemo

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Has anyone tried it, did it work to reduce hair loss? 


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    Hi @Cheri
    I’m starting chemo next week and have discussed cold cap with my medical oncologist. Whether it works, depends on the type of chemo drugs you are given. In my case, the success rate is low (30%) so he has not recommended it.

    Have a chat with your medical oncologist and he/she will be able to advise. However, if you know what type of drugs you will be given, below is the calculator.

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    @GinGin thanks for that will check it out.All the best for your chemo, I might also be staring next week. I'm here if you want to vent or share xxx
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    Hello @Cheri
    I had the cold cap in 2016/17 and while I did lose hair I was able to wear a wide headband, like those hiking ones you wear round your neck, and you couldn’t tell. My hairline at the back receded a little, the front stayed normal and I had baldish patches where the headband went. It was unnoticeable with headband.
    Im glad I did it as it made me feel like I wasn’t obviously sick. Panadol beforehand helps as it’s a bit achy at first. Good luck!
    Fifi lamour
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    Hi @Cheri, glad to see you have some of the members jump in and share their experience - hopefully some more will shortly. In the meantime I have done a search within the Online Network and there a quite a few discussions around that might be worth a read - cap&scope=site&source=community

    Also, there is an article on our website that talks about Hair loss and in particular scalp cooling -

    All the best for your treatment and please check back to keep us up to date. - Daina 
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    Hi @Cheri
    Like Gin, because of the drugs im being given I was told my hair wouldn't survive treatment.  And the cold cap was never realy an option for me anyways as I get migraines occasionally and the cap may trigger those .. 

    Did you start chemo this week ? 
    Let us know how you're going 😊

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    Hi @Cheri
    I just had 18weeks of Paclitaxel with the cold cap and have kept all of my hair. As the others' mentioned, it depends on which chemo you have and everyone's body is different. 
    My nurse had great advice and said, you can always stop the cap if you decide you can't keep doing it. 
    All the best
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    Dear Cheri,
    I couldn't reply earlier, as this new security system had me locked out until today. Have you started Chemo yet and have you used the Cold Cap? I used it very successfully. Thinned only slightly where the cap didn't fit the best. I had Epirubicin, Cyclophosphamide and Paclitaxol. Let me know if you want to know more. All the best.
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    @Abbydog thanks for the response,seems like I missed a few responses. I did not receive notifications for them. But yeah using the calculator that gin gin shared the chemo meds I am on it's not really an option. I had my first session last week with little side effects so far .... next one is Tuesday. I will find the treatment I am on and share.
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    @Tarma sorry somehow I didn't know you had responded but yes the first session was last week , next one is Tuesday. Everything has moved so quickly , only found out less than a month ago and already started chemo so Saturday it hit me this is really happening and there were a lot of emotions... for the most part I have been pretty positive so I guess that off day is normal. Hope all you ladies are doing well. I appreciate the feedback care and engagement 
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    My first chemo yesterday (6/10/23).
    giving the scalp cooling a go.
    Ended up being a 7 hour session as it was my first!! Only 2.5 hours in the cap though - not pleasant but tolerable. So glad to get it off!  Very ugly look with the conditioner in the hair walking out of the hospital but I will make a turbin to cover up next week.
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    Hi Pamelac,
    I'm happy to hear that you tried the Cold Cap. Did you have the cap on for the whole time that the infusion went in? What did they do to take 7hrs? Which Chemo are you on? I agree it is not pleasant, but tolerable. I used to fall asleep while it all happened. I found the most annoying thing for me was going to the bathroom and taking the Cold Cap tubing with me. I couldn't wait, as they do give a good amount of IV fluids. I was never advised to have Conditioner on my hair, but I have heard of that since I used the CC. I read that it is very important to have the hair very wet, especially if the hair is curly, which mine was. When I started Chemo we still had some warm weather in March. That made having wet hair not so bad, but over the 20 weeks it did get cold. Make sure the Cap fits well, especially on top. For a couple of times I wore a chin strap. It went over the top and under my chin. Most of my hair thinning was on top, where I believe the fit was not always good. For me it worked quite well, No one would have known I'd had chemo, at least by my hair. Towards the very end of Chemo I lost eyebrows and eyelashes. I hope that it goes well for you. So far as the Cold Cap goes, you should know if it is working well enough by the third or fourth chemo. Keep in touch.
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    Thanks Abbydog.  Sorry; I just found my way back to this page and saw your response.  I have had another session since and it will now be like 3.5 hours every treatment.  The cap was more tolerable the second time - maybe I just need to get used to it. 
    I am having paxli weekly and two immuno therapies added third weekly.
    I am finding my skin is breaking out badly and extremely sensitive.  The skin in my nose bleeds every time I wipe it.  Hayfever and crying is not helping I'm sure.  Do others use a special cream for skin?
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    My doctor recommended nose oil (from the chemist) for my bleeding nose, due to Taxol. It’s a refined sesame oil and it did help. Others say pawpaw ointment helps and honey is often good for this sort of thing too. Best wishes. 
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    Thank you Afraser.  I do have some in the cupboard and have started using.
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    Hi Cheri,  I wish you well with your treatments and urge you to please eat as many vegetables and berries as you can every day.  All vegetables are loaded with high levels of nutrition, you can eat them raw or cooked.  Berries are antioxidants that can help reduce inflammation.  These foods can help you feel better.