New to the club I didn't want to join!

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Hi everyone. As the title says, I'm new here! Id rather not be, but am thankful for safe spaces like this.

I was recalled after some abnormal results on my first mammogram & after a morning of more scans was told it was likely cancer so biopsies and ultrasound were done, then 2 days later it was confirmed to be Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, grade 1, ER/PR+.

I've learned more the last week than I ever wanted to know! I meet with the surgical team in a week or so, but given the results so far it is looking like we will do a mastectomy with an immediate reconstruction & my preference is to use my own tissue over an implant.

In a way I feel completely thankful I can avoid chemo or radiation but am daunted at the journey still ahead, all the what ifs, the prospect of major surgery & dealing with my work (which I love!).

I don't think I have any questions right now but just wanted to say hi.


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    Just wanted to say Hello @SarahB77! Everyone is very helpful and supportive here, I’ve learnt so much here as well. 

    Wishing you all the best for your journey 
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    Sorry to see you join our select little group here, @SarahB77 - but you are in the right spot for support & a place to ask questions and/or vent, when needed xx.  Remember, there are NO silly questions & we'll do our best to help you with answers.

    If you'd like to delve more into the forum, we have HEAPS of subjects (even OUTSIDE of BC) that we natter on about as well ..... even 'funny stuff' as well as the more serious stuff - as we all need a laugh now & then .... and we chat about our pets, gardens, art & craft & anything else that you may think of!   

    There are also a link to some 'tick sheets' down the bottom that you can fill in to take with you to your appointments to give to your team, indicating your physical & mental well being - sometimes it is easier to give them a paper copy on how you are coping, than to talk about it at the time when you may be feeling emotional .... and also info on what to take to hospital with you as well further down the track ...

    Take care with your appointments next week - consider recording all your early appointments on your phone (including your pathology results) as it is easy to 'miss bits' in the emotions of the moment - and this way, you can go over it later, if you need to. 

    Wishing you all the best.  
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    Well howdy @SarahB77 

    And ditto, what Gin said 😁
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    Thanks so much ladies!
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    A great resource in understanding choices in breast reconstruction  including a what to pack for Hospital  list, a list us forum users helped to compile
    Best wishes
    Take care
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    Hi @SarahB77 my story same as yours but got the double whammy. I'm 17 weeks post op now. My advice is overestimate time it will take to get back to work. Mental and physical health comes first. Can always go back sooner if up to it.

    Charlotte Tottman podcasts great. Breconda link also. And reconstruction group for info and photos re expectations. Any questions just ask.

    All the best
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    @SarahB77 hiws things?