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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed late June/ early July and had my first chemo treatment on August 1st - docetaxol/ carboplatin/ herceptin/ perjeta- yes Im all the positives!
I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has posted in the past as I found searching for side effects in this online community very helpful. It’s all very overwhelming and knowing that others have had a sudden runny nose and a cough a week after treatment was extremely reassuring. So again - Thank you all!


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    Take care & look after yourself, @Margoes xx. I hope the treatment may be 'as kind' as it can for you, without extreme side effects xx

    If you'd like to delve more into the forum, we have HEAPS of subjects OUTSIDE of BC that we natter on about as well ..... even 'funny stuff' as well as the more serious stuff - as we all need a laugh now & then .... and we chat about our pets, gardens, art & craft & anything else that you may think of!   

    There are also 'tick sheets' that you can fill in to take with you to your appointments to give to your team, indicating your physical & mental well being - sometimes it is easier to give them a paper copy on how you are coping, than to talk about it at the time .... and also info on what to take to hospital with you as well further down the track if you need it ...

    wishing you all the best xx