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Hi all, newly diagnosed this week. Feels like the longest week ever and have been taking the time to look through various posts and resources. Thanks for sharing your stories. Following a breast screen 'callback' and biopsy on Monday I was given the diagnosis of DCIS in my left breast on Monday 17 July. I kind of feel out-of-body at times, and do I even have 'real' cancer. I felt guilty for worrying. At this point I am taking the public hospital option with good services (I am told) in my area.  Of course, my worry is that I have cancer somewhere else. I believe they do a PET scan as part of the process. I am 56, married, 2 grown up daughters.  Our youngest recently married the most wonderful young man. Happy times. Thanks again everyone and glad to have this forum as an additional resource.


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    @daikym All cancer is real cancer so never feel guilty about anything. Our body has an intruder which needs to be annihilated at all cost. I was also 56 when I was diagnosed and feeling very healthy. It is a shock physically and mentally. Try to focus on something else if you can whilst waiting for the plan of treatment. You got this. You are stronger than you think. Sending big hugs.
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    DCIS is cancer. And being told you have cancer is traumatic. Try keep busy without exhausting yourself (a difficult balance I found!) but accept your anxiety and don't beat yourself up about the worry. It is normal. Best wishes.
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    So sorry to see you join our exclusive little group, @daikym ... Absolutely - as the others have said - Cancer is cancer is cancer - I've heard that some people claim that DCIS isn't 'really considered' cancer .... but guaranteed, if THEY received that diagnosis, they would change their opinion immediately. xx

      It sounds like you have a great support network in your family. ..... whack up ANY questions you may have - remember - there are NO silly questions.

    It mucks with your brain as much as your body - so if you feel overwhelmed, contact our helpline here 1800 500 258 today (they are available Mon-Fri) or ask your GP or Breast Care Nurse (if you have one) to put you onto a psychologist to help talk you thru your concerns. xx. We ALL go thru a degree of anger, upset & depression at some stage of our diagnosis, surgery & ongoing treatment xx

    Feel free to jump onto this thread & check out other areas in the forum - we show off our pets, our gardens & even have a few laughs ...... plus, some info leading up to your surgery too xx

    Take care & all the best with your ongoing appointments - consider recording your meetings in case you want to go over them again later, as it is easy to miss bits in the emotion of the day.  Also take someone with you as a second set of ears & support xx
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    Thanks team for your input - it really helped. 
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    I feel like I had cheats cancer also.
    Dcis with 8mm cancer thankfully only radiation and hormone tablet. 
    People don't understand how scary everything is but don't realise as your not seen as a cancer patient as your  not having chemo.

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    Love that @Pommy8 - cheats cancer. I had my lumpectomy yesterday and awaiting full results for next steps. Thanks for posting. Regards Kym