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'Understanding and Managing Pain with Metastatic Breast Cancer' Interactive Digital Event

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Have you registered for tomorrow night's 'Ask the Expert' online event?

Living with a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis can mean needing to manage pain. This can have both a physical and emotional impact. Through discussion with your treating team, there may be ways pain can be managed to help maintain quality of life. 

BCNA is hosting a webcast: Ask the Expert: Understanding and managing pain with metastatic breast cancer on Thursday 13 July 2023.   

You will hear from Dr. Belinda Yeo, Medical Oncologist. Dr. Yeo is jointly appointed to the Austin Hospital as a medical oncologist and Olivia Newtown-John Cancer Research Institute as a clinician scientist, located in Melbourne. She is also co-lead of the VCCC Research and Education Stream for breast cancer. 

This webcast will aim to increase knowledge about different types of pain and tips to assist in explaining your type of pain to your treating team. It will also include information about current therapies, and strategies to help maintain quality of life when living with pain associated with metastatic breast cancer.