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Hi diagnosed on 21 march with high grade stage three BC.saw surgeon on 19 april, going to have lumpectomy and sentinel node surgery. Followed by one mth radiation , five days a week, and then hormone blockers. New to all this , other ladies who had this , what do I need to know


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    SO Sorry to see you join our exclusive group @November .... the one that none of us ever thought we would be joining ... Here, you can throw up ANY question & get informed replies ... as we've been there, done that.  There are no silly questions xx

    I hope you have supportive family & friends who accompany you to appointments etc ..... maybe record them on your phone, too .... 

    Your treatment plan is very similar to what I had ... and I've passed the 5 year mark since diagnosis & surgery etc earlier this year .... and am going pretty well.

    Please check out this thread (below) for some info on the forum, including tips on what to take to hospital with you - also 'tick sheets' for 'self assessing yourself' after your surgery & ongoing treatment, to take along to your appointments.

    We even have some 'fun' posts to give you a giggle - God knows that we all need a laugh now & then! We also share pics of our gardens, pets & even sports!

    Feel free to jump onto any of the posts (favourite recipes etc) and add your own!! 

    take care & all the best with your upcoming surgery & ongoing treatment xx

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    Hello @November.  Welcome to this supportive group.  If you add your general location in your profile you will be able to get additional support from your local area and may be able to meet up with others nearby.
    Do you have a BC Nurse ?  Lean on her for any queries/concerns as she is there to assist you also.
    What are your specific questions at the minute ?
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    Hi @November
    There is a wealth of information on this website as well as this forum.
    Try and stay away from “ Dr Google” it can be scary ( not to mention unreliable).
    Two resources I found useful were the book by Dr Liz O”Riordan , a breast cancer surgeon in the UK who herself got breast cancer - she also had a blog, and Dr Charlotte Tottmans podcasts “ What you don’t know until you do” which is on here and referred to above - she is a psychologist who got breast cancer.
    Put up any questions you have and we will trey and answer them.
    Take  care🌺