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Low volume Oligo-metastatic/progressive Disease.

annewaa Member Posts: 2
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Hi all, My name is Annie I have just been diagnosed with Low volume Oligo-metastatic/progressive Disease. 
FEB 2019 Lobular BC.  Lumpectomy, Radiation Arimidex.
FEB 2023 Solitary met to manubrium sternum. NED anywhere else.
Has anyone heard of this?


  • cranky_granny
    cranky_granny Member Posts: 580
    @annewaa I had to look up where that was on the sternum. I have mets on the sternum. 2nd rib and the sacrum 3 all up 1 on each. All found at ct and bone scan. Had annoying pain at night. So it was investigated. That was in 2019 confirmed in 2020. 
    I had my AI changed to a stronger one then Ibrance added when the lesions kept growing. Last year i had targeted radiation to the rib and sacral lesion. Couldn’t do the sternum as it had been radiated in initial treatment. 
    My oncologist referred me to the radiology oncologist who agreed it was worth a try to try stop the growth and hopefully shrink them. As my CA-15 markers where not dropping. It appears to have worked my markers started coming down. though it did take 6 months to stop the growth, coming up to 5 mths of no osteoblastic activity and no additional growth. And markers are down to 32 last blood test Im on the anastrosol and Ibrance (palbociclib) until it stops working or the side effects become unbearable 

    Good luck with the treatment i hope you have success with yours. 

    We don’t all have the same treatments or outcomes I just  do mostly what I’m told to do by my treating team. I don’t always understand everything but can usually find the answers on here. Its my rant - and research place. 
  • Karen1512
    Karen1512 Member Posts: 8
    I also have olgio metastatic cancer,  how are you now?
  • Aska
    Aska Member Posts: 24
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    I hadn't heard of this.  I hope it all goes well for you.  If you don't mind me asking how did you find the tumour in sternum ie investigated because of pain etc.  I also have Lobular so just wondering. 
  • Karen1512
    Karen1512 Member Posts: 8
    I have one MET in my liver,  they found it in a PET scan
  • Cath62
    Cath62 Member Posts: 1,131
    Oligometastic really means few or not many spots. Seems to be called that now if there are less than 5 metastasis in the body. I have one at T9 of my spine and another barely visible at T11. I am going to have targeted radium shortly, then a holiday before stating new meds.
  • Aska
    Aska Member Posts: 24
    So for those that have had whole body scans, is that because you had Lymph Node involvement? My nodes were clear so my surgeon and GP both say no to whole body scan and bone scan. Just wondering if this is the same as others who've had ILC.
  • Cath62
    Cath62 Member Posts: 1,131
    Hi @Aska, I had a PET scan only because I had a fracture in January in my spine and ongoing monitoring via an mri. Most of my mri's were clear until my last one in June when a suspicious spot appeared where the fracture was.

    My 2020 diagnosis was early breast cancer, no lymph involvement ER and PR + and Her2-. I had surgery, chemo and radium at that time. I had grade 3 cells but at that time I was stage 1. I had been going along really well until this bump in the road.  My spread was not via lymph but through the blood. Amazing really given all my initial treatment but here I am. 

    PET scans aren't generally done unless absolutely necessary eg if there is evidence of a symptom like my fracture. 

    Best wishes to you for your future.
  • Julez1958
    Julez1958 Member Posts: 942
    Hi @Aska
    I was initially diagnosed via finding a lump then mammogram, ultrasound them MRI.
    Because of the size of my tumour (5.5cm , lobular) the guidelines indicated a PET scan).
    The guidelines don’t suggest one for all patients.
    We are all different and will have different treatment /investigations but it is all based around national guidelines .
  • Aska
    Aska Member Posts: 24
    Thanks Cath. I didn't have chemo as my tumour was <2cm.