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For some as a result of diagnosis and treatment the effect on our memory can be distressing - fatigue or chemo induced or anything else in between, stress, anxiety, menopause!
I have a sister who has early onset Dementia and on the road to diagnosis she was seen by a health professional, Neuro Psychologist.  She has written a book and there's a precis of it here that some may find interesting or useful to someone you know

Memory-wise - Dr Anne Unkenstein -- Allen & Unwin - 9781760296384 - Allen & Unwin - Australia (

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    Thanks @iserbrown, this is very timely. My husband saw a gerontologist last week.  He has memory issues.  Fortunately he does not have dementia, but is at risk of developing it.  I'll certainly follow up this book.
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    @Fufan, have you joined the Carers Corner private group for carers ?  Lots of info there.
    All the best.