Ongoing side affects post treatment.

My first time on here, so thank you!
I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS in July 22 and had a lumpectomy in August, a further 7 days later had another surgery to clear margins. 
(My left breast cut just under my nipple)
Followed by 4 weeks of radiation therapy. 

I’m interested to know if any of you lovely people have had any sensitivity, ongoing pain? Soreness, irritation to your breast post treatment. 

I seem to have sharp pains, high sensitivity, aches. Putting on a seatbelt is uncomfortable especially the pressure. Even just gently touching my breast and nipple is painful. Hard to describe really but it’s ongoing and varies from different activities and times of day when it bothers me. It’s not just uncomfortable it’s painful. I am very aware of it at all times. I was told that it may be sore for a while, it takes time. 

Just wondering if anyone else has had experiences with this and if so what were your symptoms and how long did it last? Any advice, experiences or information would be greatly appreciated. 



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    Sorry to see you join our exclusive club @BaaElly ... but you're in the right place for support & info, so hope we can help you with any queries you may have.

    The pain after a lumpectomy is fairly standard .... it takes a while for the nerves/muscles etc to 'knit' and they may occur for many months, even a year or more.  I had stabbing pains in my breast .... also tenderness - every now & then, even now (nearly 5 years after my surgery) I have a weird 'ache' .... 

    Do you have a Breast Care Nurse to chat with about it?  Or on Tues, you could ring our helpline on 1800 500 258 ....   

    take care & I hope the pains subside soon xx
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    Hi @BaaElly
    I had quite bad pain after my mastectomy - had to take Endone for about 6 weeks.
    My breast care nurse kept saying “ everyone is different” .
    I tapered down to Panadol but it took about another 5 weeks to have no pain.
    let your medical team know of your pain, you should not have to put up with pain.
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    I had no pain after lumpectomy and 2 lymph nodes removed or during or after radiation I'm not 3 months after radiation and been on Letrozole for just under 3 months but now getting pain in my breast more so in an evening if I lie on my right side.
    Found a cyst has anyone else had cysts few months after treatment .
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    I do have a breast care nurse. Annie is wonderful. It may be that all is not healed internally, so hence nerve pain. Thanks everyone. We really are all different and experience things on different levels. 
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    Hi @BaaElly. I had a mastectomy in July. Any surgery to the area involves damage to the nerves and nerves are very slow to regrow/heal. I have areas of numbness which will be permanent but also areas that are a bit sore to touch, a bit like a bruise. Some sensations, eg water running on the area in the shower are quite uncomfortable. I’m lucky in that all these things are manageable for me so I hope they are for you as well and that they keep improving. All the best