New DCIS diagnosis and surgery

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Hi all, new diagnosis of DCIS in right breast (3.2cm x 2.7cm) and ADH in left breast (5.2cm). Appointment with surgeon today to let her know of my choice of treatment (bilateral mastectomy, lumpectomy/mastectomy or bilateral lumpectomy). Surgery set for 13/1/23. Anyone had similar diagnosis before? Any feedback wound be lovely. Thanks :)


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    Hello @irisg
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    Hi @irisg, sorry you are in this situation. It is so much to process. I didn't have the same as you as I only had 1 breast effected. These are big decisions but hopefully your surgeon will recommend the best way forward for you. Do you have someone who can come with you today? Write all your questions down if you can. Wishing you the best today. 
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    Hi @irisg
    Hi there, sorry you find yourself in this situation , especially at this time of year when everyone is supposed to be “ festive”☹️
    I had a lobular cancer tumour (5.5cm) in left breast only.
    I opted for a skin sparing mastectomy with insertion of tissue expander as I was likely to have radiotherapy ( which I ended up having).
    I had the DIEP reconstruction , had to wait 6 months after radiotherapy completed.
    In that time I decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy if the other breast and had both breasts reconstructed at same time.
    M breast cancer surgeon was fully supportive of my choices.
    Its a lot to process and I was helped by my breast care nurse ( do you have one? If not you could look up your closest McGrath Breast Care Nurse) , GP, this forum ( including the private “Choosing Breast Reconstruction” group and I was also able to talk to a friend of a friend who had recently had the double mastectomy / delayed DIEP reconstruction.
    Many ladies also have implants or go flat .
    I tool my husband to all my early medical appointments as I was still in shock and not really taking everything in - that was the best advice my GP gave me.
    Take care and you can post anything on here - although everyone’s breast cancer experience is different , there are a lot of commonalities and we get it in a way that people who have not “been there” never will .