Pommy8 PerthMember Posts: 98
Anyone know of any good online mindfulness sites pls.


  • FLClover
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    Insight Timer is a pretty good one, and has heaps of meditations for free. I’ve been on it for about 4 years and love it. 
  • Pommy8
    Pommy8 PerthMember Posts: 98
    Thank you x
  • Pommy8
    Pommy8 PerthMember Posts: 98
    Just checked it out great website thanks
  • Mez_BCNA
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    Hi @Pommy8, I thought I would jump in here and add some resources for you from our My Journey article on the topic. Allevi8 is an app dedicated to alleviating suffering and promoting wellbeing for those affected by significant physical or mental health challenges https://www.allevi8.net/ 

    You may also find these other links helpful as well:

    • Mindful.org
    • Smiling Mind
    • Headspace
    • Cancer Council
  • Pommy8
    Pommy8 PerthMember Posts: 98
    Thanks x

  • VVW
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    These posts have been such a good reminder for me. So many excellent online resources  - everyone's sure to find something that appeals to them. In the past I've found regular meditation so helpful ,,,,, will definitely get back into the habit. :)