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Skin Rash Side Effect with Exemestane (Aromasin) & Everolimus (Afinitor)

Hi All, I'm on week 5 with this treatment combo now. This last week I've broken out in a pretty bad skin rash, starts of red/pimply look and evolves into joining up into large red blotches. Its just horrible - I'm sure people will start thinking I've got Monkey Pox now!  :o:D:( I've been to my GP on Onco Nurse's advice as my Once has been away with a family emergency. I've got every known pill and potion to conquer the rash/itchiness - antihistamine, steroid cream, Pentarsal, Chamomile lotion, moisturiser which seems to be managing it mostly. I know its a known side effect. Has anyone else had this side effect please? Does it persist for the whole treatment, or for only a little while and will then disappear in a good time/few weeks? How did you manage it? I did get mouth ulcers Weeks 2-4 (well managed with Dextamestane that I've now stopped), but they seem to have gone away for now anyway... Any help, guidance so very gratefully appreciated. Cheers