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    Possibly confused, scared, angry, despondent, hopeful, intimidated, determined, take your pick. Most people go through a welter of emotions, over time. Most also find things just a bit easier when they know what their treatment will be, when it starts, a little more about what to expect. If you have family and friends, it’s never too early to decide what you want to do. Tell a chosen few? Tell everyone? Seek help for some things you imagine will
    be difficult? Hold off until you need it? 
    Network members with DCIS may be able to advise on all sorts of things. Main thing is that you know - much as you may well wish that you didn’t, if you didn’t know your cancer would simply continue. Not a good idea. Dealing with it may not be easy but not dealing with it is ultimately much worse. Your medical team are important. Make sure you feel confident in them and their attitude towards you. It’s hard but one day at a time is good advice. Don’t fret over things that haven’t happened and may never happen. You didn’t plan or want this part of your life but all going well, it’s just one part of your life. Best wishes.

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    Hello @RJ_77.  I sent you a personal message.  Look at your Inbox near where you sign out of the site.  💖💖
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    Hi @RJ 77
    welcome to the club no one wants to join.
    There is a lot of information on this website and a lot of support ( and information) on this forum.
    Right now you will be in shock and disbelief but once your medical team has a plan for your treatment it will be a little easier.
    Try and stay away from “ Dr Google” and bear  in mind everyone will receive investigations and treatment targeted to their individual situation .
    There are a number of podcasts on here I found very helpful - the one that dealt with the emotional/psychological impacts of a breast cancer diagnosis is by Charlotte Tottman “ What you don’t know until you do” . She is a psychologist who specialised in treating people with cancer related distress who was herself diagnosed with breast cancer .
    Take care, and post any questions or thoughts on here , we all “ get it” in a way someone who has never received a breast cancer diagnosis can.